Here is a rockstar

Hey guys, happy Chinese new year! Hope you all have a wonderful week. Today, I would like to share an interesting test with you — — “How to Fascinate You”. This test only requires you to answer 28 simple questions and then it will give you a report about how the world sees you. I highly encourage you to do this test. You only need to spend three minutes to get a professional analysis of you.

Who am I? — — The Rockstar

The test told me that I am the rockstar. I never thought I would have a chance to be called a rockstar in my life. The rockstar means bold, artistic and unorthodox. What’s more, my primary advantage is innovation, which means creative, visionary and entrepreneurial. My secondary advantage is passion, which means expressive, intuitive and engaging. However, I still have a dormant advantage, trust. The report also showed several possibilities for me:

You create new ideas with enthusiasm.
You’ll find that all eyes turn to you when you enter a meeting room.
You’re quick-witted and energetic and you enjoy making the mundane funny.
You’re a risk-taker who has a knack for disrupting the status quo. When everyone is thinking about how to improve an existing product, you will propose something radically new.

Is it true?

Seriously, I was very surprised by this result. Because this is almost the real me. I am a person who always thinks differently from others. When I was in elementary school, I often got very low scores on comprehension questions because of different answers from other children. When I finished my first unique project in Baylor University, I realized that this might be a good ability. I am always very enthusiastic about team activities. In the university, I participated in many clubs and was keen on various group activities.

Be serious, be different

My ideal is to run a fashion buyer shop. This report reminded me that I should not only discover social trends, but also be more innovative. In this changeable era, innovation is the core competitiveness. What’s more, it also reminds me that what I lack is not creativity, but the ability to accomplish everything seriously. Before making great achievements, I need to do every little thing well.

If you have some opinions, welcome to discuss with me! Remember to try this interesting test. See you next week!



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