Hungry for business?

Scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling, check out the latest video I just watched …

Fun fact I moved into my building because of my rooftop…

and because there was a chipotle right next door. Chipotle is one of my favorite “to- go” meals. As I was scrolling on marketing dive Chipotle was on the “hot list”.

This business has launched a social media campaign testimonial-type vibe with famous athletes.

You can read more about it here.

Some of the listed athletes so far are below:

I find it interesting that Chipotle has opted out of sharing each of the athletes videos on Chipotle’s Instagram, it is solely just on the athletes' page. This is a clever campaign because it is time-sensitive to the 2021 Summer Olympics.

When it comes to search engine optimization if you google “Chipotle Unwrapped”, a youtube video of Food Network’s Chipotle synopsis comes up first meaning Chipotle’s new campaign needs some work in regards to SEO.

Lastly, UX is so vital to any brand or messaging because the customer is the most important thing at the end of the day. Given this new marketing campaign after watching the videos the goal is to have Chipotle for lunch or dinner or whatever the case. Well, mission accomplished, as I write this blog I am stuffing my face with a burrito.

For the longest time I had my social media on the “privacy setting” but to be honest given everything I have learned with privacy and social media, being “private” doesn't truly resolve the existing involvement embedded in. Technology is constantly evolving but with that regulation will be more induced. The future is more chipotle and more online engagement.



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