It’s What’s On The Inside

Yue Zhang
Yue Zhang
Oct 10 · 3 min read

When I clicked on Voss’s website for the first time, I was greeted by a text box welcoming me to the website. This reminded me of the customer service at the bank which welcomes you right from the door. “This must be a great website”, I thought. It demonstrated unmatched usefulness from the beginning. Its simple and effective design proved to be useful even for those who may not be computer literate. I spent much time exploring the search functionality. I kept thinking about how easy information is to find on this website. Much like a library bookshelf, the website was well organized in categories.


I have visited websites that look more like books than websites before. Information was lumped in huge paragraphs all over the web pages and left for the user to discover for themselves. This is something I never saw with the Voss website. The site was very user-centered. It felt more like being served in a fancy business class flight. Its excellent navigational aids made its features quite conspicuous. I quite literally fell in love with its navigation bar. The navigation bar was ever-present no matter the page I was at to help me retrace my way. It also had a site that worked more like google maps. No one gets lost with Google maps these days. The site map always gave me crucial navigational clues whenever I accessed the website.

The designers of the Voss website seemed to have this in mind. The moment I clicked on the website, I was greeted by amazing pictures of bubbling drinking water, clear blue oceans, and colorful fruits. Who can resist such a sight? I was hooked. I kept on scrolling to have more. This was made easy by navigational aids such as the navigation bar, search tool, and site map.

Brand personality

Voss was born in Norway in 1998. With its unparalleled water quality and unique bottle design, Voss quickly became popular around the world and was favored by high-end people and social elite groups. It is not only the designated water of many Michelin restaurants, four Seasons Hotel, Ritz-Carlton, and other top hotels in the world. It is the best choice for the top award ceremonies, luxury dinners and other high-end activities。

The website brought the personality of the brand to life digitally. The decision to blend blue color in fonts, pictures, and background all seem to represent the universal symbol of clear water. Pictures of clear sparkling water and fruits all communicate the safe and nutritional value of Voss water. Contents such as the nutritional value of the ingredients point towards the safety and health benefits of using the brand.


It is undeniable that the website is both educative and entertaining. I was especially fascinated by the idea that Voss can be used to make a “Vosstail” of grapefruit paloma refresher. Moreover, Voss use AI innovatively in improving customer service. Chatbots which answer questions, welcome visitors and direct them to product recommendations are the highlights in this feature. I loved the engaging, emotional, simple and consistent message communicated by the website. These are all hallmarks of a fascinating message.

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