Lego: Rebuild the World

Wendi Lin
Wendi Lin
Sep 25, 2021 · 3 min read

LEGO was founded in 1932, and since then, these colorful toy blocks have become a shared childhood memory for several generations. And LEGO has also become the world’s largest toy company. The name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt,” meaning “play well.”There are many things to learn from the success of LEGO, the first and foremost of which is the control of digital content, they are more like selling engagement and the value proposition behind the brand’s range.


LEGO takes the concept of “creativity” as the basis for its new “Rebuild the World” campaign, which shows that children are masters of creative problem solving and what can be achieved when people work together to overcome differences and challenges.

Creativity can help us overcome anything! (From LEGO’s Campaign, 09/20/2021)

This short film is a story revolving around an unlucky knight who tries to cross the river to see his bear friend, but keeps failing. Seeing the knight’s plight, the entire town comes together, bringing together their diverse skills, perspectives and talents to find a way to reunite the two friends finally.

LEGO Instagram page

“We remain in awe of the creativity, optimism and resilience that children show every day; and how, through play, they can develop the essential life skills not only to imagine, but to create, a brighter future,” stated LEGO group chief product and marketing officer, Julia Goldin. “The Rebuild the World campaign is a celebration of this and provides a showcase for the inspiration that we can all get from coming together and collaborating creatively to overcome challenges.”


It’s not just this one ad, but LEGO’s creative advertising has always been extremely expressive. While we applaud the creative work, we are resonating with LEGO’s brand values. As a toy company, it has always conveyed the idea that “imagination has nothing to do with age.” Almost every LEGO commercial encourages every audience (including adults and children) to give full play to their imagination when playing with LEGO blocks, step out of reality, and construct a world in their own eyes through a piece of blocks in their hands.

LEGO has really made the world a better place. The world would lack a lot of innovation if it weren’t for the imagination and curiosity LEGO planted in people’s childhood. LEGO also provides a space for people to interact and share their creativity on social media. They encourage people to upload their most creative ideas to the official website and share them with other LEGO fans, and then after voting for the top three most innovative ideas, LEGO will give away a “super deluxe LEGO set,” which stimulates LEGO fans to rack their brains.

LEGO Ideas page, where you can share cool creations and creativity, enter prize competitions

At a deeper level, the immense implicit social value of LEGO lies in teaching people how to innovate, making innovation a part of people’s lives and a habit for everyone, making creation a social trend in the form of popularity and entertainment, and integrating this way of thinking into the whole work and social operation.

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