Let’s Grab A Beer

“When we say “Let’s grab a beer”, it’s never just about the beer. It’s always about life’s most meaningful moments — big and small — that happens when we come together over a beer.” -Let’s grab a beer

Let's Grab A Beer

The Superbowl ad selected for this blog is “Let’s grab a beer” by Anheuser-Busch. A brief description of the ad is that it features numerous scenarios where individuals share a beer, but with the theme, that it is simply more than sharing a beer.

Bring The Current Pandemic Into The Story

Out of all the ads I viewed, I felt that this one really spoke to the current situation of not only the country but also the world at large. For instance, I felt that it perfectly captured the current socio-economic state of global society, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A reoccurring theme is that of disruption, and why sometimes this necessitates not only having a beer but social relief that comes with doing so, such as having to talk about the challenges that come with disruption.

What Engaged Me About The Content And Why it was shareable?

In the opening scene, a couple who has just gotten married decide to have a beer, after rains disrupt the reception ceremony. In the next scene, a co-worker decides to buy a beer for their counter-part who has just been laid off, while in the subsequent one passenger’s whose flight has been delayed also decide to have a beer to pass the time.

All these scenarios in my opinion perfectly capture the pandemic experience for many individuals not only in America but across the world. Many individuals have been laid off from work, flights have been canceled, weddings and other social functions have also been adversely affected by the pandemic. I felt it captured the prevalent mood as well as the sort to offer a remedy to it.

Told A Story Or Pushed A Message?

After scrutinizing the ad, I felt that it told a story as well as pushed a message, which also made it effective. The ad offered a comprehensive view of the present state of society, by also showing that there have been some positive aspects or moments during this pandemic period.

For example, while in one scene a worker had just been laid-off, in another, an employee was being celebrated by their peers; and in this instance, a more positive mood seems to be present.

If one would compare the positive scenarios or stories to the negative ones, the ad seems to focus more on the latter. The resounding message that it pushes is that ultimately we all need each other, and of the possibility that life will return to the pre-pandemic normalcy that many of us were used to.

Did The Story Fit The Brand’s Overall Brand Story And Message?

Anheuser-Busch is known for being a leader in beer making and boasts of numerous brands, the ad did not focus on this aspect and sought to tell a different story. It did not try to portray the company as the leading beer maker or the quality of its products. It simply took a different approach by focusing on the role of beer in society, which was unique and effective in my opinion.

Most ads take a celebratory stance when portraying this product as well as seek to show the company being advertised as the leader, or best provider. Therefore, this ad by Anheuser-Busch broke from tradition by simply seeking to capture the present moment and the role that beer also has in it.

One can describe it as having a more melancholy tone, given that it seeks to highlight such situations, as such it does take a different approach and places very little emphasis on marketing the company’s brand.

Did It Achieve Earned Media Through Social Sharing?

Overall, the ad did not garner significant earned media from my point of view, especially based on the overall approach it took, by focusing on the aspects of the current period that no one wants to talk about. However, in doing so it did speak at a more personal level, which was important and made it outstanding in my opinion.




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