TikTok, Meeting students where they already are


Tiktok classroom

In my first blog, I told everyone that I am an international student. As an international student, the most inconvenient thing is online classes. We need to adjust our daily routines to cater for school hours. Not only that, but many of the software used in class are apps that are not used in normal life. Zoom is one of them. Zoom does not seem to have other functions besides video. I have used zoom for almost a year. During this year, in most classes, the interaction between teachers and students could not be as interesting as in the classroom. The students are relatively quiet, only the teacher is speaking.

So when I saw the headline of this news, I was immediately attracted by the headline. In fact, the software that can video is not only zoom. Other software can also make video calls. tiktok is a good example. tiktok is a place full of young people. The short video platform is a new battlefield for strategic research for future digtal marketing.

Tiktok is a daily app used by many young people, just like Instagram, wechat, and facebook. If the school can allow teachers to teach on tiktok then it will be much more convenient. Because tiktok is an app that students are already using. As students, we don’t need to learn to use new software again. We can pick up the mobile phone and go to online class. The most important thing is that tiktok is a very interesting software. Most people use tiktok to watch funny, interesting and beautiful videos. The recording of short videos is also very simple. When the students are confused, the teacher only needs to record a short video within one minute to help the students answer the question. Not only that, students and teachers can also pay attention to each other. This can shorten the distance between teachers and students.

Because Tiktok is originally a very interesting app. This advantage alone is enough to attract students’ attention and enhance students’ initiative in learning. Who doesn’t want to learn while playing.

If which university uses Tiktok for online class. I think this is a good school that keeps pace with the times. The times are advancing, and we need to keep up with the progress of the times. Students will want to go to a university that understands young people more, a fashionable university.

If it were me, I would have no choice but to use tiktok to teach classes. This is really exciting




thoughts and reflections on digital-first marketing from NYUSPS Integrated Marketing Grad Students

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