TikTok’s new year surprise


During Chinese new year which in this two weeks, “the Chinese version of TikTok (Douyin), will become the exclusive partner for the “red envelope”-themed interactive segment in this year’s Spring Festival Gala on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Douyin will hand out CNY1.2 billion (USD185.7 million) in “lucky money” during the live stream of the event. This may relate to Douyin’s promotion of its own digital wallet.”

Real time data

This is the second time Douyin has appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. A total of 70.3 billion interactions were made during the Spring Festival Gala. During the five rounds of rain on the night, Douyin allocated 700 million yuan, of which 2.12 million people grabbed large red envelopes ranging from 66 yuan to 2,021 yuan. At the same time, the “home” reunion year activities within the trill, eventually collected a total of 215 million users in the first round of the “group”, “circle” and “home”, “township”, “year” lantern, carve up the $300 million prize, in addition has collected more than 90 million users for the second round of “health”, “good luck”, “rich” and “peace”, “happiness”, “satisfied” lantern, carve up the $200 million extra bonus.

My personal opinion

I think it’s a great activity, since behind the 70.3 billion interactions is the high concurrency test of hundreds of millions of users simultaneously grabbing red envelopes. For the Spring Festival Gala test, Bytedance’s Volcano Engine for Enterprise Services provided technical support to ensure that there was no downtime during the event. Bytedance’s technology accumulation, operational tools and growth philosophy will also be open to a wide range of industry and enterprise customers through Volcano Engine in the future.

Under the current social situation, they achieved their goals

Due to the epidemic, many people choose to celebrate the New Year in situ. In an effort to keep the festival alive, Douyin has released more than 50 special effects for New Year’s greetings, and launched a new media campaign in conjunction with the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, calling for netizens to pay New Year’s greetings via short videos, according to a person in charge of the event. According to statistics, videos on Douyin have been viewed more than 50.6 billion times, receiving 6.2 billion likes, and new media campaigns have been exposed more than 81.3 billion times. Through video and live streaming, relatives and friends can send New Year greetings at any time, even if they are thousands of miles away. They hope that short video greetings can become a New Year custom for this special Spring Festival

As a national app, Douyin aims to help ordinary people better connect and express themselves. Over the past year, more and more people have become accustomed to using short videos to communicate. Now, half of Douyin’s users see their friends’ content and interact with them every day. Douyin hopes to celebrate this special Spring Festival together with the gala.




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