To create content for customers or customers to create content for you?

You see your good friend just posted a very funny video of himself on Instagram. You think “interesting but why does he make this video?”. You notice here is a hashtag with his video like #MyMoChompionships. You click and it says try My/Mo Mochi Chompionship Games then you may win a one-year supply of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream! Will you try?

My/Mo Chompionship Games

On July 10th, My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream has launched a campaign which is collaborated with Baddiewinkle on both TikTok and Instagram for the National Ice Cream Month, this campaign is called My/Mo Mochi Chompionship Games. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream would post 8 games for 8 days starting from July 12th. Attendees are required to challenge these games day by day, shot videos for themselves, and post videos on Instagram or TikTok with #MyMoChompionships. As a reward, some attendees may win 6 packs of My/Mo ice cream and one lucky attendee will win a one-year supply of My/Mo ice cream.

According to the article from Adweek (Stanley, July 17th), this activation indicates My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream has changed its experiential marketing strategy to the digital marketing strategy due to the impact of COVID-19. Last year, My/Mo’s campaign for National Ice Cream Month was Pop-up shops and free My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, which is cooperated with Uniqlo. The purpose of My/Mo Mochi Chompionship games, as CEO of My/Mo Mochi - Barnett stated, is to bring customers My/Mo Mochi’s brand personality “Fun and joyful” and to encourage people to enjoy their summertime even during a hard time.


By checking the views of #MyMoChompionships on both Instagram and TikTok, I found this campaign performs over greatly than what I imagined. Although there are only 230+ posts with #MyMoChompionships on Instagram and TikTok, #MyMoChopinships has generated almost 900,000 views on these two platforms in total and this number is still increasing now. If we do not talk about the conversion rate, we could say that this campaign already succeeded.

Customer is the content creator

This campaign is genius in my opinion because My/Mo Mochi did not create much fascinating content for its audiences but most of the content was created by these audiences, My/Mo Mochi only provided them with a good suggestion (#MyMoChompionships) and an attractive motivation (One-year supply of ice cream). The result is that, as we can see, it helps My/Mo earned thousands of views on social media.

When we talk about content marketing, we always think that the content creators should be those brands. According to the definition, the marketing team of brands should be creative and innovative to make amazing content with which brands can increase brand awareness and generate direct responses.

Since the ultimate purpose is to draw people’s attention and to make them engage with the brand, why cannot we make the customer become the content creator? As the content creator, customers will feel they are part of this campaign which greatly improves the engagement and understanding of the brand message. On the other side, this strategy can promote the brand more naturally by spreading the customer-created videos through their social media. Just like digital word-of-mouth, but more effective. For example, before the popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge, only a few people knew what the ALS — Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Aka Motor Neuron Disease) is. Ice Bucket Challenge has wonderfully raised public concern to the ALS and ALS patients. In this case, this kind of challenge campaign is a wonderful innovation, I believe.

Overall, My/Mo Mochi Chompionship Games surprised me with such a great number of views. What will be the final conversion rate? I do not know. But it is a hot and tough summer this year, everyone needs some ice cream to comfort himself or herself, right?



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Zifan Chen

New York University, SPS, Integrated Marketing, Graduate Student