Tripadvisor:a good travel assistant!

Yi Zhang
Yi Zhang
Jun 27, 2021 · 3 min read

Tripadvisor is a travel-related app with a large number of users. It is an app designed by an American online travel company of the same name. The entire product is mainly composed of official website and mobile software. The most popular features of Tripadvisor are travel experience sharing, transportation, accommodation and restaurant reservations.

Tripadvisor’s logo is an owl, which is very brand-like. The whole website gave me the impression that the interface design is simple and clear, the functions are easy to find, and the user browsing experience is very good. Probably due to the longer product launch time, this is a relatively mature product. In the process of use, the interface interaction is very smooth, the menu and search bar are designed reasonably, and users can clearly get the information they want.

Tripadvisor is mainly composed of official website and mobile programs. The first perspective of the official website is a bit like Google. Open the interface and you will see the search bar and category bar. Users can search for destinations directly, or filter and search according to their needs, such as airline tickets and hotels. This is more efficient for some websites that enter the official website as an advertisement. For users who have unclear goals and just want to browse information and websites, such as me, the drop-down interface will push recommended information such as “Cool Plus stays”, “Home rental near you” and so on. It may be pushed based on big data and browsing history. In addition, I found that there are a lot of content in the interface that can attract my attention, such as where travelers like to go, nearby life experience projects, and good places for vacation. Some of the content is really interesting, and the UI design of the webpage with pictures really touches my heart. Seeing those beautiful scenery and photos can help users make decisions and stimulate bookings.

In daily life, more users will choose to book and manage itineraries through mobile phones, that is, apps. Tripadvisor provides apps. For Apple users, Tripadvisor provides different versions of apps for different devices. This allows users to get a better user experience and a more adapted interface. Searching Tripadvisor in the apple store showed that 134.2k users participated in the score, and the current score is 4.7. This is a good score for apps with a large number of users. The app contains reminders about covid-19, reminders about safe travel, and changes made by Tripadvisor for this. This detail makes users feel that they are being paid attention to.

In general, the advantage of Tripadvisor is that it includes travel experience sharing, itinerary booking, and life experience and services. A website can solve all travel problems. The app has been launched for a long time, so it is a relatively mature software with a good experience. The interface is simple and clear, but all key information is easy to find. In short, Tripadvisor is a good travel assistant!


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