User Experience Shopping on Evive

First Impression…Wow! These Smoothies Must Be Good!

When I Google Evive, the blender-free smoothies company, I was lead to a promotion page of Evive and there was just a plain white background with a giant banner with colorful images of the smoothies that talks about their brand launched in the USA and an “order now” button to lead the customer to the pre-purchase survey. Underneath the banner, there are multiple images and gifs of the company’s product floating and some testimony of the customers and their reviews. Overall, my first impression was not bad, I was able to scroll and navigate the website with no problem on both my desktop and mobile. The plain white background contrasted with the colorfulness of the images seems to give the audiences a clean, simple, but energetic feeling which is what the company is all about.

As a shopper, when I scroll across the page, I had the juice advertising script that plays in my head that says that there are “no artificial flavors, no preservatives” even though it doesn't say on the page. The simplicity of the website layout suggests that there is nothing complex that is added to the drink. The testimony seems to validate the authenticity of the smoothies as well.

Aesthetic-wise, I would think the company achieves its purpose of impressing people with a clean background and bright colorful images that stand out and grab the user's attention.

There is also a small cartoon gif on the promotion page that demonstrates three easy steps of how to make Evive blender-free smoothies which I think is great since it is not only informative but also offers a smooth transition of realistic images to something that is entertaining for the customers. Another thing that I love is that the company writes out in big font size that there is no commitment to their product. As a potential buyer looking at the promotional page, I feel less push and pressure to purchase, I can be more relax when gathering information from the website.

However, I did not see any menu bar on my desktop view, I was confused as to where I can click on to look for the company home page. If I am just scrolling on Google to search for potential smoothies purchases, I would probably just exit the brand website and find another brand that can show me more information with a clear menu bar. Anyways, I clicked twice on the company logo as if I was cracking some morse code and finally, I landed on the home page of Evive.

On the home page, I am able to access more features of the company website. There are blogs, stories, and maps powered by Google that users are able to utilize to search for a nearby shop by entering the postal code. The home page is very similar to the promotion page, there is a video demonstration of how to make the smoothies and customer testimony. There is also a pop-out of discounts that ask for the email of the user. I usually get annoyed by the pop-out, I would feel the push to buy. I would recommend that Evive switches the pop-out to a “spin-the-wheel” interactive game that if you enter your email you could spin the wheel once and get the corresponding discount rate. The interactive game will go well with the energetic and playful personality of the brand.

Powered by AI

No matter which page I landed on, I can access the AI customer service. This is a wonderful feature that the company offers! The chatbot has some automatic Q&A that users can self-service and gather the solutions that are available. It also offers a “get-in-touch” button that users can connect to the live agent within minutes to resolve issues. It is great that the chatbot doesn’t pop-out without a click since it can be interruptive when shopping online to try to exit the chatbot when you do not need it.

Forming A Welcoming Community

Another special feature of Evive, the blog. I was amazed at how much educated information and blogs that Evive has. There are vegan recipes, wellness, lifestyles, and news. The site is very well organized, there is a hashtag section that I can access different hashtags that I am interested in or do a keyword search to search for something in particular. This blog feature has a function similar to the testimony that when I see the site I would feel confident about what I am purchasing and trust the brand less conditioning. The site was fascinating, it is innovative, easy to read, and very user-center that customers will feel inspiring to join the community.



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