Virtual Reality is coming to life — IKEA

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the brand “IKEA.” As we all know, IKEA has long advocated “democratic design” — beauty, practicality, quality, environmental protection, and low price — which is the core of IKEA’s brand philosophy.

Like traditional furniture stores, the majority of IKEA’s sales come from its traditional brick-and-mortar stores. However, it is undeniable that IKEA’s digital services have also grown rapidly in recent years. According to data last year, IKEA had 936 million visitors to its physical stores, but 2.3 billion visitors online. The company has also partnered with visual AI startup GrokStyle and acquired TaskRabbit, a “gig economy” company, and has introduced a new form of shopping using Augmented reality and Virtual reality to buy furniture.

VR brings many benefits to the company, the most immediate of which is increased sales. By implementing virtual reality, consumers can experience “pay-as-you-go” marketing techniques and effectively increase business sales. It is also very interactive as it allows consumers to experience products and services without visiting a physical store.

Imagine that you are about to renovate a kitchen. But your budget is limited and you don’t want to hire a designer. At the same time, you are struggling to know what materials, colors and styles to choose. At this time, you can open the IKEA VR.
In the VR world created by IKEA, you can operate pretty much everything in your kitchen.For example, you can click on a cooktop or cabinet to change colors or materials, or you can open a drawer and take pots and pans out and put them on the stove.

IKEA’s online sales have skyrocketed because of this feature of VR. And I believe the IKEA shopping experience for consumers will change dramatically in the next few years. Because in addition to VR, IKEA is launching a variety of experiential apps, which means they are pursuing a transformative digital service change.

Not only that, but VR will gradually become an emerging medium as the technology evolves. People are gradually paralyzed by traditional online shopping mode, and the era of “scenario-based shopping” represented by virtual reality technology will eventually arrive.



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Jennie Shen

Jennie Shen


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