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Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog on Medium. My name is Lu Liu and I am currently a graduate student from New York University Integrated Marketing program. As a part of my Digital Marketing class, my blog would help me express my perspective on today’s marketing trend, social media and business events throughout the semester.

About Me:

I was born and raised in Beijing, capital of China, and came to USA at age of 16. After graduated from high school, I went to Syracuse University and received my bachelor degree last summer. During my 4 years undergraduate journey, I had better understand how internet and data technology contribute to daily business operation from my major Computer Science and realized my passion of becoming an entrepreneur as my career path in the future. To achieve my career goal, I decided to join New York University Integrated Marketing program and study more about marketing to be prepared to be a business man.

In addition to my student life, I help my family numismatic business to manage the overseas trading, fair involvement and international shipment for years. This experience gives me an opportunity to reach out to people from different cultures, have a better insight of numismatic industry and develop my interests of being a coin collectors. Due to the pandemic, e-commerce became critical key for retail business and the family business is working on online business development. I hope to apply what I will learn from the classes to generate more opportunities.

Expectation About My Blog:

2020 was a different year for both individuals and companies worldwide. The Covid pandemic not only changed people’s lifestyle but also brought more innovative digital tools to business daily operation. People will be able to experience the benefit from internet, social media and online platform in 2021 and understand the potential from digital marketing. For the next few months, I would like to share what I learn from classes in NYU about digital marketing and innovation and my opinions about the business news happened around us. I would also share my interests about numismatic product and industry trend to allow others to see the beauty of money. Looking forward to talk different topic in the upcoming days and thank you for reading.




thoughts and reflections on digital-first marketing from NYUSPS Integrated Marketing Grad Students

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Lu Liu

Lu Liu

Entrepreneur, NYU Integrated Marketing Student

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