What are the Pros&Cons of AI In Customer Service?

The statistics show that current AI technology can boost business productivity by up to 40%. Unbelievable right ?? But it’s true!!

Most people are aware of AI in marketing as chatbots, but in fact, AI is much more than this. We have all encountered AI on some level when we needed some questions answered about a product or service. Do you remember the automatic phone machine voice or instant messages on websites’ chatboxes asking you generic questions? That’s AI customer service in action.

AI vs Human Interaction, which is better?

AI is being used more and more widely, when it comes to customer service what are the benefit or drawbacks of AI over human interaction? Check out my infographic on this:

How to maximize the benefits of AI in marketing?

I think the core is “providing data-driven case resolution”. Using data can help marketers achieve more efficient customer communications.

For example, in Email Marketing, when you use a content management tool to schedule a campaign, you’re taking advantage of AI. It’s the algorithms that are sending the correct content to people based on their actions. AI can help email marketers reach the right customers at the right time, ensuring that messaging is relevant, engaging, and more likely to convert. It can also allow you to better analyze what types of messaging, subject lines, design, and images get the best results.

AI smarts are also used in scheduling digital advertising, segmenting audiences, and analyzing the efficacy of particular campaign elements. With the power of AI to efficiently analyze demographics, and micro-trends, and keep an eye on budget, the digital advertising campaign can be more focused and economical.

Feel free to share any interesting or impressive interaction you have had with AI, I would love to hear it :)



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