What makes me special? “How to fascinate” test can tell

The Test Question is Surprising Me

Before I took the test, I thought I’m amiable and pay more attention to the relationship instead of analytical and professional because most of my previous teammates said I’m really easy-going and creative. When I was taking the test, the question and my answers made me question myself that am I really an amiable people but not strict?

I’m Alert and Trust

The result showed that I’m a mediator, which means my archetype is a mixture of alert and trust. According to the report, i’m seen as a people that is diligent and faithful by the world. In addition, I can manage the team relationship and keep harmony. I can calmly guide the team to work with productivity and accountability and keep everything in track.

My primary advantage is ALERT. It is said that I’m able to know the entire situations and make quick reactions. I’m positive, well-organized and detailed. My second advantage is TRUST. After something happened, I can carefully look back the details. Also, I’m really strict to myself and everything that matters to me. I’m stable, faithful and familiar.

I Felt It’s Partially True

From my perspective, it’s true that I like keep and follow routines and schedule because I don’t like incidence. However, I didn’t find that I’m trust and I’m the “leader” among people. Perhaps, I didn’t pay attentions in the past that that people rely on me more than on others. I really appreciate that I took this test and know about me better. Hopefully I can use the recommendations to equip myself and be more competitive.

It’s Helpful to My Personal Branding

First of all, because I’m alert, I can earn influence by paying more attentions to the details that can help me. For example, by keeping the promise, I can win more reputation and trust. Also, alert can help me to avoid risks because the alert people usually is sensitive to the situation and changes. I’m able to use alert to persuade, influence and attract.

However, not only the advantage but also the disadvantages can help me improve in the future. For example, I’m afraid of chaos and things with no plans. My personality made me rely a lot on the routine. However, this will trap me. I need to be more creative and bold in order to strengthen my kep advantage: grounded nature.



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