How to grow on twitter fast

Your guide to having a successful twitter page.

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Jul 30, 2019 · 3 min read
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Even though it may seem like it’s not the most popular app these days (Instagram), Twitter is a very ripe place to discover new people and connect with your industry.

Today I’m going to share with you the things you need to know to build a following on Twitter that converts and resonates with your message and brand.

First, as with every social media page, you must understand that if you want people to become meaningful contributors to your fan base and business, you must have a proper lead nurturing process in place, which will take people who discover you from Twitter into a defined experience that keeps you at top of mind while delivering your story and message in a way that adds value to their lives.

Most Twitter users are in discovery mode, meaning that they are looking to discover something new. This is why you need to keep your expectations in check. People need time to convert to followers if your experience isn’t what they were anticipating.

Building an experience that is robust and filled with value for your target audience takes some hard thinking and consideration. You’ve got to know your audience and align your message accurately with your brand and the feel of your presentation. It’s like a nice soup. If any ingredient is overused or something is added that doesn’t belong, the entire dish is ruined.

You should look at your social media pages like this. It may help you make better choices when you post content to your stories and front pages.

Look at this video dedicated to Twitter for more tips and strategies for building your twitter following:

Come check out the youtube channel and subscribe for more videos:

Let’s take a look at some things that I like to do to increase the rate that my page is discovered and improve engagement with my twitter fans.

1) Increase click-throughs : I can move over 100,000 people to different areas of content just by adding these things to my tweets.

-Pictures or images attached
-1–2 hashtags of trending or popular industry topics
-A link to something my following wants to see from me
- A video explaining what’s on the link.

2) Consistency: Don’t change things up too much. If people follow you because they expect something specific, keep delivering that special and unique content.

3) Understand the lifespan of a tweet: Tweets initially have around 20 minutes to find their audience. Once you build a following, you will see your fans sharing and connecting with older content and perhaps sharing that content forward to keep it alive in 20 minute micro-lifespans. Some of my tweets stay relevant for 2 weeks to a month which works to drive my 3 million impression cycle.

To keep this going, I deliver a consistent flow of quality posts and I connect with my most active fans regularly.

4) Answer people: people want to have a conversation on twitter so you can’t just post stuff and leave. You have to answer people and use twitter like a text message from your phone. Connect with people reaching out to you regularly and you will build a trusted following.

As an over view, make sure that your social media pages are bringing people value and aren’t just filled with advertising, announcements and calls to action. You need to build a page that focus on having a voice and human element, that’s why it’s alled SOCIAL media.

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