Is Your Marketing Ready for Takeoff?

A common question we get asked is:

“What can I do with marketing automation?”

For many marketers, not knowing marketing automation strategies and best practices is a barrier to usage (and results).

Our mission at Autopilot is to make marketing automation simple, remarkable, human centric, and empowering. Yet we felt a little something was missing — a home online to get trained, inspired and engage like-minded people.

Announcing Flight School…

We’re excited to announce the next step in our journey to democratize and help all marketers be successful at marketing education.

Flight School is one part education platform, one part community, and expands on our guidebook by explaining the theory, tactics and techniques that make up remarkable marketing journeys. Drawing from decades of experience using marketing automation, it’s peppered with real-life examples and practical takeaways.

In Flight School, you will:

Is Flight School for me?

Flight School is designed to help any marketer, Autopilot customer or non-customer, to grow faster online. It is completely free and accessible for anyone hungry to learn.

Our team has worked incredibly hard on Flight School and we’re excited to hear your feedback as we continue to build this community of marketers who believe in creating remarkable customer journeys.

Ready for takeoff? Let’s get started.