Taking My Apple Watch to NYC
Coach Tony

Taking my Apple Watch to China

China is the wrong place to wear it.

The hardware is splendid. The software is not.

Apple Maps are simple; Baidu Maps are rocking the scence. Badminton is not present in the workout list.

The Watch App Store features “Healthy Living” apps. While the Air Quality Index average is far over the limits.

In Shanghai, I asked Siri, “where are the most delicious 饺子” and got “I can help you search the web for “where are the most delicious 饺子 when you use Handoff on your iPhone.”

After the failed request to find the most delicious 饺子, I decided to get an orange juice (unrelated, but definitely an orange juice could compensate the frustration). Payment options were: cash (10元), Wechat (8元), or Alipay (8元). I took my iPhone from my backpack, I scanned the Wechat QR code, and waited a minute while the oranges were squeezed.

It is awesome to have a watch that turns on when you twist your wrist.