Making Your Words Count: The Top Email Copywriting Tips

Email marketing has become one of the leading marketing strategies for online businesses today. This is because businesses are able to speak openly and directly to their target audience.

However, focusing on writing good copy can really impress your audience to get them to stick around. Check out the top email copywriting tips to keep your customers engaged and attentive.

1. Entice with Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing that your recipients will get the opportunity to see. So this is your chance to get them to, either, click on your email or scroll right past it.

You need to seize the moment.

Writing the perfect subject lines may require a lot of A/B testing and segmentation practice. However, you’ll begin to see what type of words and phrases your audience is genuinely interested in.

Run some tests with personalising subject lines and alternating the lengths. You should avoid becoming a habitual ‘clickbait’ user and sounding spammy in your email copywriting. Your audience will catch on and this could hurt your reputation with email providers.

2. Send Relevant Content

One of the worst feelings in the online world is signing up for an email list that promises one thing and delivers another. If your capture page tells prospects that you will be sending weekly tips and information on building an online e-commerce shop, then they should not be receiving emails about help with growing their YouTube channel.

It’s very important that your email copywriting is relevant to what your audience is looking for. Sending constant unrelated messages may cause you to lose subscribers or be sent to spam.

Basically, stay on task and focused on why your subscribers are there. Live up to your word and provide what your initial offer stated.

3. Keep It Clear & Concise

A very important key to selling through good email copywriting is getting to the point and making sure your readers understand exactly what the point is. People should not have to reread your message or ponder on what you may have meant by what you said.

Confusing your audience could also cause you to lose your following. It also diminishes your message and creates an inconsistently in your branding.

Let others proofread the emails if you think clarity may be lacking. Remember, sometimes saying less and keeping it simple is better and gets the message across just as well.

4. Use a Consistent Voice

Your audience has signed up for your email list because they like the overall feeling of your business. This includes your brand’s voice.

They probably don’t expect to receive messages that sound like a completely different company. This is another guaranteed way to confuse and scare off your readers with email copywriting.

If people enjoy your quirky branding on social media, continue to use colourful and expressive language. Sending emails with serious tones is not a true representation of the business that they connected with.

5. Utilise Emotional Words

Research on psychological triggers has shown us how some words are effective in achieving specific mental and emotional responses in humans. This is a fact that copywriters know, acknowledge and use to their advantage.

It’s beneficial to study and understand words that work well in email copywriting for provoking the reactions you desire in your audience. For instance, if you want to pique curiosity in your visitors for them to click your link quicker, you could use words, such as “secret”, “hidden” or “insider”.

Mastering persuasive writing in your email marketing can be accomplished by paying attention to feedback and analytics from your emails.

6. Speak To the Problem

Every great copywriter knows that speaking directly to a consumer’s problem, or their pain point, will grab attention. Email copywriting is no exception to this rule.

There are multiple ways you can bring up the issue that will position you to benefit off of this in the future. You can provide tons of value and increase your authority by showing expertise on the problem. Another way is to speak on personal experiences with the exact issue.

Once you’ve spoken on the pain point enough and displayed your business as knowledgeable on the subject, you can offer a solution. Your readers will appreciate and trust it more after they’re convinced that you know all about their problem- or at least enough to fix it for them.

7. Use Scarcity

Another popular email copywriting strategy to work into your campaigns is using scarcity. This means you put a deadline, limit or something of the sort on your products, services and offers to put a little pressure on your readers to take immediate action.

For example, instead of saying “grab a spot in our free webinar tomorrow”, say “sign up for our free webinar before 6 pm for a guaranteed spot”. Now people who interested know that if they are serious about attending the webinar, they need to get to the sign-up page before that specific time.

This tip is great for making your business a priority in the customer’s life. Just be aware that this method should not be overused.

8. Make Text Easy for Reading & Scanning

Nothing is more intimidating while reading than a large block of text. Emails that lack visual appeal can cause a reader to leave the page.

This issue can be fixed by breaking up long paragraphs and creating more space between sentences. You can also use header fonts and sizes to identify new ideas and sections within the content.

Another way to make reading more manageable is to add bullet points and include lists. The text becomes easy for people to scan (speed read) and still receive the information they are looking for.

9. Be a Storyteller

Sometimes the best way to liven up dry email copywriting is to add personal stories. Sharing experiences has been shown to have a dynamic impact on the emotional reactions and connections of audiences.

You can drive a point home much better by using actual examples of how a concept may look in real life. This also makes customers feel closer and more emotionally attached to your brand.

Storytelling is a skill so study great storytellers across various industries and learn how to use it properly.

10. Cut Down Fluff

If you were to consult with some of the best copywriters in history, they would tell you that one way to kill your copy is to fill it with fluff. Fluff is extra words that are not necessarily needed in the sentence in order to present a solid explanation.

Granted, sometimes painting a picture is important for the message. But if you’d like to increase sales and grow a business, eliminating unnecessary words is best.

There are apps and programs to help you with cutting down on writing fluff-filled copy if you find yourself struggling with this.

11. Include Simple Call-To-Actions

By the time your readers are done getting through an entire email, they should know exactly what the next step is. For instance, it should be crystal clear that you want them to click a link to watch a video or purchase your new course.

A prospect should not have to guess how to get to your offer. The instructions should be very simple and easy for them to follow. Any buttons or links that they need to click should be visible and highlighted by a special feature (such as the button or different coloured text).

If you notice low click-through rates, having unclear CTAs could be the issue. Review your email copywriting to fix for smoother transactions.

12. Avoid Negativity

No one likes a ‘Negative Nancy’ — especially not your customers. It’s normal and natural to want to rant or get upset about certain things. The wrong thing to do is to word vomit this all over your mailing list.

There may be strong opinions you have about particular topics that are actually related to your business or brand. If you feel strongly enough about something controversial to speak on it, be cautious with the way you express this to your audience.

Practising email copywriting will help you improve with writing about touchy topics in a tasteful manner.

Looking for More Tips to Improve Your Email Copywriting & Marketing?

Hopefully, these tips have helped provide you with some actionable steps to implement when writing to your mailing list. Focusing on improvements in your email copywriting could help to boost your sales and expand your business greatly.

Still having issues after following all of these tips? Well, it may be best to invest in some extra assistance. Check out our content marketing services to help get your copywriting on the ball.

Until next time, happy marketing!

Originally published at on April 9, 2019.



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