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If having a great night sleep till about 7am is the best way to treat your body, then the 8 actions above would need to be huddled into 60mins of our mornings and that will have less time to relax and more anxiety to complete the tasks in hand.

And if considered a lifestyle where we sleep as early as 10pm and get up at or before 6am, the night life has no room to be accommodated. So that makes us routine chasing beings who lack entertainment, which at a later part of life turns into a slew of things we regret not doing.

And for those who preach that there is enjoyment in meditation and chanting alone, IMHO they are probably living their grace period.

Do you really think sacrificing the joys of life is the way we would live and love ourselves? Do you suggest restraint the way of life?

Although all these things look amazing and many of us would be eager to implement, is 8am not too early? Or was it just chosen to build a rhyming title?

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