Taking charge of your life. Here’s what freelancers need to know

Technology has shifted the paradigm and companies are downsizing and outsourcing many jobs that hinder productivity. With the evolution of the internet, most jobs can be completed without ever meeting vendors in person. Today, it simply makes more business sense to use freelancers for certain jobs such as writing, design, development or even marketing. It is an awesome time for freelancers to grow and extend their reach by tapping into this global pool of projects however, here are some things to note.

The computer is like a double-edged sword

I’ve found that the biggest job hazard with working an online based job are distractions. Newsfeeds on social networks are such powerful tools that empower and refresh us, yet they can be the biggest enemy to productivity. These days, it might be better to avoid such temptations by getting as much as you can done without logging on to the internet until you really need to. You’ll find that the amount of work you get done increases exponentially.

Are you able to handle the lifestyle change?

When you leave the corporate work life to be a freelancer, the sudden change might overwhelm you at first. You’ll find that bonuses, transport and medical claims are suddenly a thing of the past. In some cases, you might suddenly decide to give up and go back to work. During those times, it helps to know that it can get better. Don’t be discouraged. Try to become disciplined with your savings and spend wisely. Check out our post for some tips.

Is there a market for what you do?

This is an important question that you need to ask yourself. Do you have something that the market needs? Do not try to create a job, instead try to provide solutions for problems that people have right now. For example, Design Week just released an article in which a survey showed that almost 75% of jobs being offered were design, web development and writing in descending order. Design for example, took up 36% of all jobs.

So do you think you have what it takes? At the end of the day it all boils down to self-discipline and tenacity.

For more tips, read the full article here.

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