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My Origin Story, where it all began...

It all started when I just finished the final exam paper of my entire degree…

“Finally, the last paper I need to take in my university. No more stress from that place anymore, aside from waiting for my results. What’s left is actually giving my very best in this last technology competition I signed up for and settle down.”, that’s what I thought.

I was a just a normal guy who had a hobby tinkering with technological stuff back then, and I still have that geeky side of me and I am applying those skills on my current job as an engineer. Similar to all fresh graduates, I also think about what should I do in the next phase of my life after getting that dream job. Then, I remembered a book that my family recommends me to read while I was still busy with my uni tasks a few years back, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. I often heard of those positive reviews about it, even on the Internet. With all these curiosities stacked in mind, I made that decision to start reading that book during my breaks when working on my submission for my competition.

Little did I know, that book entirely made me change my entire perspective about life, my first realization that I am signing up for the typical “Rat Race”. (Photo credits: Wendy van Zyl)

That was the turning point of my perspective and views of the world since I realized solely depending on what I learnt from school will not get me anywhere even if I got my degree.

Some of you who have read the book before may think, “What caused me to have this epiphany back then?”

As a young guy in his 20’s, I have a lot of life goals I wanted to achieve. Repaying my parents, bringing them to a vacation they always dream of, covering all their daily expenses, helping more people in my country by improving their lives through new innovations and better technology. Furthermore, I need to be sure I can support my future family: my future wife and kids! With all these goals in mind, you can pretty much calculate how much does it cost to actually fulfil all the goals I have mentioned!

To do all these just by having a job, no way! I can barely even live on my own with a J. O. B. (“Just Over Broke”, that’s what people said.) I don’t want to be someone who blames other things as the reason for not achieving what one wants and complain all day long.

I didn’t want to drift away for too long, I have a project to complete and I promise myself it will be the best one I ever made as a student before my official graduation ceremony.

I NEVER had any thoughts of doing networking marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) at this point. Until one fine day…

I got an unexpected message from a friend of mine, we only know each other by name, that’s all. She said there’s something cool she wants to show me and wanted to invite me out to tell me more about it. I was bored at that time, so I just accepted the invitation, really thought that it will just be a casual chit-chat session. Sounds familiar right? The typical invitation method we used to create our down-lines.

Yes, I was naive enough not to expect the meeting to be turn out this way like the photo above. Whoops! (Photo credits: Alejandro Escamilla)

Shortly into the conversation, after introducing to me the cool stuff, there comes the pen and paper on the table. Oh no, what did I just got into? And that’s how network marketing came to me, with zero knowledge on how to even sell or market to other people. But I came to realize one thing, that is if I choose not to learn how to sell and market, how can I get my ideas across to everyone else? With that thought in mind, I decided to accept the opportunity and my journey in network marketing begins.

In the beginning, I just did what I was taught: write down all the names of my friends and family that “needs” this opportunity, invite them out and then “3-way call” them into my down line. I was lucky to find a few friends to join me in two months. I thought I made some good progress as a guy with no sales experience, but this moment of “joy” did not last long, I start to have problems coming up from my friends as my down-lines.

“ I’m running out of people to ask, what should I do?”

“I don’t have time to do this.”

“I suck at pitching, or inviting people out for a 3-way call.”

I was stunned, I did not know how to handle this, my down lines are not performing well as I expected. Furthermore, I’m doing this network marketing business part-time. I cannot find more leads or help my down lines 24/7. That’s when I found out…

“I am the bottleneck of my network marketing business!”

I ended up even busier than I was before, I want this to be my casual side hustle. I cannot achieve my goals if I cannot make time and energy for them. There must be some other ways, maybe I could automate this? I am a techie, a tinkerer, I should be able to pull this out. What if I made it? I can auto-recruit people even when I sleep, I can buy a lot of my time back!

Inspired by these thoughts, I got the desire to publish my journey here for your readers to enjoy. I know I still have a long way to go, I have not achieved what I wanted yet. Deep down I believe, every successful person has stories like this and I wanted to publish them out right here first. This is because I do not want you guys to feel that I am someone special or gifted. I am just a normal person, like you reading this blog.

That’s all for my origin story for now.

Also, I have a podcast I published in Anchor at MarketSolvers. Feel free to follow my podcast and this publication of mine as I will share what I have learnt: my failures, my successes, new strategies and useful knowledge I obtain throughout my journey.

Got any useful comments, reviews and suggestions you want to share with me? As I want to improve myself every single day, any feedback from you will be greatly appreciated. Please do drop your feedback to my email at

Till next time, see you in my upcoming episodes in my podcast and in my publications!



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