Instagram Business Account: why you need one & how to set it up.

May 2 · 3 min read
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What’s the difference between a regular Instagram account and a business one we hear you ask? The simple answer is not much, but Instagram Insights is the crux for you to be able to stop making assumptions on your audience and know who is actually engaging with your brand.

There are three key features that can you can use to benefit your business:

  1. Insights — analytics for impressions, reach & audience info over the last week.
  2. Contact Info — social media is the new go to for customer service, make yourself more accessible with CTA buttons; Email, Call Us, Directions
  3. Instagram Ads — potential to promote your brand to a wider audience

A business profile also suggests a level of legitimacy, making potential customers more likely to trust your brand, so why wouldn’t you make the change it only takes a few simple steps!

Here’s a step by step of how to switch to a business account:

Step 1: Open Instagram & go to your profile page, press edit profile button

Step 2: Then click on get more tools

Step 3: Press continue until you come to the end of the tutorial

Step 1, 2 & 3

Step 4: Connect your business’ Facebook page & you’re ready to go!

Step 5: You can now access your insights, go to profile and press menu icon in top right-hand corner

Step 6: Now you’re on the insights page, scroll through different tabs to explore, press info icons to find out what the insights mean

Step 4, 5 & 6

Tips & Tricks once your page is set up:

Username: First things first, make sure your username correlates with your business name e.g. @markettiapp, this makes it easy for you to be found

Profile picture: If you have a high-quality image of your company logo use this

Bio: Your bio is one of the first things visitors to your profile will see. Use this to let potential customers know what your independent business is about with who you are, what you do and include some personality (a few emojis are fine) — remember you have a max of 150 characters. (see images below for examples of good bios!)

Website link: Link to your own website, selling site or your profile on Marketti

Marketti, Pergola, Tailor & Forge bio’s on Instagram

We’re here to make digital easy so, if you need any advice with setting up, insights or what’s best for your bio don’t hesitate to message us on social media @markettiapp or drop us an email at, we’re more than happy to help!

You can download the Marketti app on iOS & Android.


For markets & independents who want to be noticed. Be discovered on Marketti.

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For markets & independents who want to be noticed. Be discovered on Marketti.

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