The Solution Is Less Pollution: How Markets Are Championing Green Causes

Alex Gibson
Nov 5, 2019 · 4 min read

As climate protests rip through the City, team Marketti knows that far from the front lines are households up and down the country who want to do a little bit of good and go a bit greener! Did you know that 25% of you have refused a product or service due to its negative environmental impact and are spending more on sustainable options such as green energy (up by 65%), ethical clothing (22%) and food & drink (16%?). For guilt-free shopping why not ditch the disposables, become a waste warrior and check out these fantastic local market initiatives helping to save the environment!


‘Lunch to Go’ seems less appetising when you consider our habit creates nearly 11 billion pieces of packaging a year, but no fear, Tachbrook St Market and KERB have come up with ingenious ways to make sure your takeout won’t cost the earth. Tachbrook St has partnered with Caulibox to provide digitally tracked reusable lunch boxes that can be collected and dropped off at designated points where they are professionally cleaned for reuse. Withstanding 500 washes, the scheme has saved over 700 single-use boxes. Serving 1.5million delicious dishes per year, ultimate urban chill out market KERB has also launched a lunch box scheme aiming to reduce packaging by 150,000 cartons, enough to fill 2 double-decker buses!


Reducing food wastage is also hot on the agenda with companies, such as the insect farming company, Entocycle, finding inventive ways to use leftovers. With a little help from Borough Market vendors, Entocycle collects surplus food from traders to feed insects before grinding them down to make a more sustainable protein feed for livestock. Mercato Metropolitano, Old Spitalfields Market, Camden Market, Greenwich Market and Brick Lane are also harnessing technology and are registered to the ‘ Too Good to Go’ app. Users can feast like a King on a shoestring budget by searching for participating traders and collecting excess food at a huge discount.


As the number of microplastics in the sea are now 500 times greater than the stars in our galaxy, we are in danger of living on a laminated earth. Thameside markets have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics entirely from markets by 2024 and are on track with Manchester’s long term vision to be carbon neutral by 2038. Throughout the country, traders are also doing their bit by replacing plastic cutlery with more sustainable (and dare I say, easier on the eye) options such as bamboo utensils. Many have started charging for bags to encourage customers to bring their own and Zero waste shops, such as The Jartree in Leeds Kirkgate Market, are spearheading the anti-packaging movement by providing customers the means to refill their own cartons with household necessities such as washing powder and shampoo along with foodstuffs.

The JarTree @ Leeds Kirkgate Market


The fashion and design industry have created their own breed of Captain Planets with traders and independents finding ways of breathing a bit of TLC into discarded items. Waiting for a new lease of life are plastic bags collected from food markets by upcycling trio Rehandle, who recycle them into durable, waterproof and lightweight trendy wallets and cardholders. Those pesky pencil shavings that seem to get everywhere? Camberwell College of Art and Architecture grads Hana and Hatsmita give them new homes in resin bangles, earrings and necklaces decorated with metallic leaf and an assortment of bits and bobs at the Truman Brewery’s Sunday Upmarket. Let’s not forget the huge demands for upcycled furniture! Mother and daughter duo ‘Dolly Did It’ trading at Northcross Road and Herne Hill market, create quirky pieces out pre-loved furniture and household items think candles in teacups and mirrors made out of tennis rackets.



Armchair activists will be pleased to know we are committed to building a diverse community of sustainable traders and products which can be shopped and discovered at the touch of a button. We make it easy for customers to shop their conscious and find traders and markets who champion green causes. Download the app and support your local market so together we can purchase more responsibly, promote Independents and continue the British market legacy.

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For markets & independents who want to be noticed. Be discovered on Marketti.

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