Shopping Safely: COVID Tips

Sophie Jarvis
Sep 25 · 2 min read

If you haven’t already, NOW is the time to be making changes and ramping up your precautions!

The last thing any of us want is for markets and retail to be shut down again😥

So, how can you ensure your customers have a safe shopping experience?

Let’s begin with the basics…


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Make sure you are washing and/ or sanitising your hands regularly to reduce or eliminate the bacterias spreading amongst you and your customers.

If you’re using gloves, make sure to change them regularly as bacteria sticks to them too!

Vitally, ensure there are ample opportunities for customers to wash or sanitise their hands by leaving space for as many sanitisation stations as you can.


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Keep a safe distance from your customers, and do your best to ensure they have space to keep their distance from each other.

SHOPPERS please be aware of this! Don’t make your fellow shoppers feel uncomfortable by your lack of spacial awareness.

And DON’T TOUCH a product unless you are buying it! You don’t know who touched it last or where they’ve been, nor does the person after you. Be considerate and careful.


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Probably THE easiest way to reduce the risk of spreading germs, by reducing the use of cash.

Cash can be passed through the hands of so many people, you have no idea where that £10 note last was and who it came into contact with, so avoid any unnecessary risks and move to contactless wherever possible.

Encourage your customers to use contactless payment options and shoppers don’t leave your cards at home!

If you currently need a contactless device or are on the search for a new one, Marketti are currently providing mpos devices for FREE to support markets and traders getting back to business as safely as possible.

To claim your FREE device or if you are interested in finding out more contact us at

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