Guido — My first short film

A snippet of Guido

In the fall of 2015, I decided to make a short film as a student project for high school. This is my very first short film. In fact, it’s the first proper animation I’ve ever made.

This was mainly an exploration of different forms of art I’m interested into : photography, graffiti, comics, and of course, 3D animation.

The Story

The story’s about Guido, a character that isn’t really human : he’s first a graffiti and then takes a 3-dimensional body. But as he transforms in 3D, he gets out of the sort of prison that is the wall where he’s stuck, he’s faced with reality. He, a non-humain character but with a human’s basic form and personality, discovers a new world.

This world is full of opportunities, it is after all the urban world. But as he finds himself trying, in vain, to have contact with the humans, he finds out that this world is not that beautiful as he thought.

The Style

The story, I admit, is not that great. I wanted to focus on the style. Especially the 3D art. It was a voluntary decision to make the animation as simple as possible, hence the reason why the animation is lowpoly. The first reason to this is that it takes less time to render. The second reason is that it is quite interesting to try to give a character some personality, some sort of identity, with so few details. Third, I felt it was important to mark the ambiguity of the character. Does he represent a human or not ? He has the basic form of a human, the affective characteristics of a human, he might be real or he might not. I wanted to keep that uncertainty : he’s in fact a stranger in this city, he shows us the absurdities (positive and negative) of our contemporary life.

The fourth and last reason of making a low-detail character is to show that it is in 3D. Indeed, I must admin that photorealism in 3D art is, to me, quite uninteresting. I’m not that interested in realistic 3D. On the contrary, what is interesting is the different ways of expressing things, the multiple opportunities of making art in 3D.

I like the fact that in comics, there are a ton of different styles and ways to represent things, worlds, characters. In a sense, I thought this was a certain style, like in comics.