ICON x Deblock September — ICON Partners, San Francisco, Jeju, Singapore

September marked another packed month for Deblock as we attended multiple events across San Francisco, Jeju, and Singapore.

Min’s Fireside Chat with ICON Partners/Projects

San Francisco Launchpad Kickoff Event

Prior to the ICX Station SF Launchpad Kickoff, Min hosted a fireside chat with ICON partners to provide advice and answer questions regarding project growth and strategy. He further elaborated on future plans to grow the ICON ecosystem.

ICX Station Managers from Seoul, SF, and Tokyo Launchpad

The SF Launchpad Kickoff was attended by top crypto and traditional investors from Japan, Singapore, San Francisco, and Korea and 7 ICON dapps were presented in total, ZenSports, Aspecta, MecaCoin, weBloc, Stayge, LogisticsX, and Discover One.

Deblock Dapp Acceleration

September was also the month where we officially on-boarded several ICON partners that are building on the ICON ecosystem. To summarize, these include the following.

weBloc, an advertising alliance protocol for ICON, led by industry veterans in Korea. With a team of almost 50, it built the world’s first decentralized voting application, Devote, to track user preferences within the ad ecosystem and is currently being used by audiences to vote for winners of Korea’s largest blockchain demo day, Friday Night ICON. It’s available for download on the app store.

Stayge, a tokenized entertainment platform currently operating with a working product and partnership with Kaybo, a content platform with 18 million registered users. The Stayge platform is currently being used as the official fan page of Kard, one of the leading K-pop groups in South America.

LogisticsX, a last-mile logistics platform in Singapore powered by Park n Parcel, which processes more than 50,000 deliveries monthly. Its partners include DHL, Aramex, Lazada and Carousel. They were one of the featured projects to pitch at Longhash Pitchfest of Singapore Blockchain Week.

Discover X, a decentralized travel platform powered by Jienem, that runs the largest guest house service in Korea as well as the most popular travel journal in Korea, Volo, with over 500,000 monthly active users. Discover One aims to streamline the Global Distribution System for travel as well as create a travel based social media platform using their existing industry leading service/product.

For more information on these projects and more, check out the excellent interviews by The ICONist.

Jeju Developer Conference

ICON has always had a focus on building and targeting developers, and it was no different this month. ICONLOOP CEO JH Kim presented a key speech on ICON, and the process of developing on the platform at the Upbit Developer’s Conference, just as ICON began releasing several technical documentation: open-sourcing information, publishing its yellow papers, governance structure, and continual updates to the ICON Developer Portal, along with the launch of ICON Mainnet 3.0.

Singapore Blockchain Week

As the crypto world congregated to Consensus Singapore we held back to back meetings with several traditional and crypto funds, accelerators, and projects along with Min Kim from the ICON Foundation.

As we near the launch of ICON’s Singapore Accelerator, we met with several partners, from both Singapore and the world, to consolidate relationships and explore possibilities to grow the ICON ecosystem together.

Korea’s largest Demo Day: Friday Night ICON

Friday Night ICON, hosted by Deblock and ICON every month, was another full house event. With a panel of industry leaders from ICON, Deblock, #Hashed, Lambda256, and LINE Unblock, a congregation of crypto enthusiasts, bloggers, investors, and journalists voted for the best project of the night via Devote, a blockchain based voting app. For the full livestream, click here.

San Francisco Blockchain Week

Following Singapore Blockchain Week is ICON’s participation next week as a Title Sponsor of SF Blockchain Week. SF Blockchain Week is an event that attempts to flip the narrative to provide an education/builder focused conference and educate the world about the promise of blockchain technology without the hype.

With participants including Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, and Naval Ravikant, Min Kim, will be giving a keynote address. In addition, an ICON Hackathon will be set up alongside an IBM Hackathon at the event. For more information, read the article from The ICONist here.

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