ICON x Seoul Metropolitan Government: Demonstration of ICON: ID Card, Voting System & S-Coin Payment.

ICON showcases its project, Blockchain Seoul, with the Seoul Government at the Blockchain International Digital Festival

Link to original video posted by ICON’s Minhwan Kim

Blockchain Seoul Demo App: Used for ICON ID, ICON Voting, ICON S-Coin Payments

At the Blockchain International Digital Festival, which was hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, ICON showcased to its participants, what a Seoul Resident would experience with a blockchain project in collaboration with the Seoul Government.

This demonstration was the result of multiple collaborations between ICONLOOP and several government entities including the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Korea National Information Society Agency (NIA) and supervised by Korea National Election Commission.

Brochure Cover for Seoul Blockchain

The themes included creating a more reliable, democratic, and prosperous society engineered with ICON’s blockchain technology.

The demonstration showcased showed 3 main components:

  1. ICON Blockchain Identification Card
  2. ICON Blockchain Vote
  3. ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments

1. ICON Blockchain Citizen ID Card

ICON Blockchain Citizen ID Card started with user registration that involved filling out basic details, along with a webcam photo taken via a laptop.

The ICON ID Card is then transferred to the mobile phone after the user takes a photo of the QR code.

2. ICON Blockchain Vote

After having created an ID, the user would then be able to vote using ICON’s Voting system.

After the vote, as a reward for voting, the resident would be rewarded in S-Coin, which seems to have a pegging for 1 S-Coin = 1 Korean Won in this demonstration. The voting system is the result of ICONLOOP’s collaboration with the Korea National Information Society Agency and the Korea National Election Commission to build the “Next Generation Election System.”

3. ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments

The S-COIN payment would involve taking scanning a QR code of the product details which would then transfer details of the product to the app.

The payment for the ICON water bottle could then be done directly using the app, cash-free.

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