Want to Perfect your Business Pitch? Tips from 8 Professionals

In business, compelling introductions are what lead to continued conversations!

A networking pitch, job interview or prospect meeting — today, expectations are high and attention spans super short. We all want to maximize our impact in the least amount of time.

So how do you sell yourself without being salesy, and share what sets you (and your business) apart. What can you do to take that interaction to a successful outcome. All this without hustling anyone, of course.

8 Tips to Perfect Your Business Pitch

Read insights from 8 seasoned professionals on what it takes to pitch successfully- not just to grab attention, but also to keep it.

The Art of Telling Your Story

As a speaker, you must always find a way to authentically share your story your way, and allow your audience to know what makes you unique, what makes you special, what makes you an expert and why they should listen and ultimately buy or work with you.

I’ve found that telling my story of going from broken down, broken hearted, unfulfilled, depressed social worker not living in purpose to successful life coach, intuitive consultant, healer and international speaker who helps my clients from hole to wholeness in their life relationships, business and careers allows my audience to immediately connect with me and know who I am.

Women have literally fought their way to talk to me after my presentations because they identified with my story. They knew I could understand them because I was once in their shoes. They feel like they know me and they do, because I authentically share a piece of myself and that allows them to want to learn more about me and work with me further. If I can transform my life, surely I can help you live with passion, purpose and make an impact in the world too.

Avalaura Gaither, MSW, LGSW

Intuitive Consultant & Life Coach

Think Forward. Not Fearful

My one tip for a quick and effective pitch is to not be your own roadblock, letting your fear get in the way. Be bold, fearless, get out of your own way and simply make the request. A closed mouth does not get fed; if you never ask you will never know, right?! Too many times we are our own worse critics (enemies) and have so much to offer! So go out and boldly ASK for what you want!

Bree Jones,

The MSNinja — Functional Disability Coach

Be Authentic

I think the most important one would be to come from the heart. In other words, be real, be honest, lose the ego and focus on why you want to be heard. Is it from a shallow place, or something deep? Once you touch base with that deep soul purpose, it makes it easy to pitch to others because the honest passion comes through.

McCartney Green

Author & Speaker

Connect with your Audience

For me, it’s keeping it real. Be authentic. Share a personal story that relates to your product or service. Making a connection from the beginning has always proved successful for me.

Laurie Labishak

Singer/Songwriter/Motivational Speaker

If you Believe in it, they will too.

Believe — all the way through. What you’re sharing, presenting, offering, believe 100% in the value & be truly present as you offer it. This way your ideal client or market will be able to see you & resonate with your offer. Those that aren’t a match for you will at least know for sure that you were there with them — a visibility win.

Leah Nash

Holistic Mindset & Business Coach

Exude Confidence

My #1 tip to a successful pitch is to always be confident — and fake it if you’re not feelin’ it! You have to stand behind what it is you’re putting out there and know (TRULY know) that the right people will buy into what it is you’re selling.

Amber Temerity

Efficiency Strategist and Online Business Consultant

Do Your Homework

When it comes to a successful pitch, you have to do your research. It’s important to know everything you can about the person or company you are pitching to because they will do the same on you. They will check your website, your social media, and any connections you have. They will want to make sure that what they value or their main goals and mission aligns with what you represent. So make sure you do the very same thing prior to submitting any pitch. You will get a lot less no’s because you will be pitching to those you already know are aligned with your common passion.

Kristie McCollum

Consulting Services for Mompreneurs

Your Energy Speaks louder than Words

Before we go into a networking event, a client presentation or a speaking gig, it’s essential that we have our content down: an effective pitch, solid data, an engaging talk.

There are a series of tools I use, but there are times when we literally have only one minute to get ready and there’s one technique, I apply without exception. I align my energy, activate my power centers and focus on my inner power.

Allow your power energy to expand in and around you — let it flow through your body, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. This simple exercise helps you to not only raise your confidence but also enhance your presence and how you show up.

It changes how others perceive you…because your energy always precedes your words and impacts body language. And what’s best about it — once you’ve practiced it a few times, you can literally step into your power energy in a matter of seconds.

Regina Huber

Transformational Leadership Coach, CEO, and Speaker

In the end, that’s all you have — a minuscule window of time. So use your 1–2 minutes smartly.

Make an impression so powerful that your audience not only wants to continue the conversation, but also take it to the next level.

Share your tips with what makes a strong impression on your audience.

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