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Marquette Meets Peru
Reflections on our month studying diverse educational settings in Peru, written by teacher education students from Marquette University.
Note from the editor

Each summer, a small group of students from Marquette University’s College of Education travel to Peru to engage in a comparative study of the diverse contexts of education. For some students, it’s their first trip out of the country; for others, it’s their first trip beyond the European study abroad circuit. For all of them, it’s an eye-opening, perspective-changing experience. And I’m proud and delighted that I get to travel with them and be a part of their transformation as teachers, citizens, and humans. In these pages, you can read their reflections—often raw and un-edited—on our experiences; you can read some of my perspective as the program designer; and you can also get an overview of the program itself. If you are interested in applying, be sure to check out the “About Our Program” page. You can also find blogs from our 2017 participants here: goo.gl/cTgukv

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Assistant Professor, education
Melissa Gibson
Teacher. Writer. Wanderer. Scholar. Sharing my students with the world.
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2019 participant
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