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Marriage 2.0: Carrie and Ben #1

A brand new Marriage 2.0 story begins with the tale of a ‘Game Widow’, whose husband’s addiction threatens their marriage


Welcome to Marriage 2.0 — the modern relationship, upgraded.
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There was a designated term for what she was — Katie had told her about it only the previous week, and it instantly seemed like a perfect fit for her.

Carrie Weaver was a ‘Game Widow.’

Her husband hadn’t died — far from it. But sometimes, it seemed like he had. He was unreachable most of the time, incommunicado. He didn’t help around the house, spend time with her, didn’t chat about his day, or ask her about hers.

He wouldn’t even sit on the couch with her to watch TV together in the evening.

Carrie got home from work, fixed dinner for them both, and then ate hers alone before crashing in front of Netflix for a few hours until she felt sleepy enough for bed. She might see Ben momentarily as he slipped out of his den to pick up his dinner from the kitchen counter, but then he’d slink back away, and that would be it.



Max Sebastian
Marriage 2.0

Max Sebastian has written erotica for more than 20 years, and specializes in stories about sexy wives and husbands willing to share. More at: MaxSebastian.net