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Marriage 2.0: Mia and Christian #1

Season Two begins with a couple hooked on romantic comedies coming upon an unexpected hiccup in their own relationship


Welcome to Marriage 2.0 — the modern relationship, upgraded.
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They watched rom-coms all the time — it was the big thing they did together, almost the very heart of their relationship — and so it seemed natural that one day, it would be a rom-com that made them look at their own relationship differently.

This one was called “Permission,” and, as usual, it had been recommended by the streaming service algorithm based on other movies they’d watched.

Snuggled up on their sofa in their little house in the suburbs of Boston, Mia’s leg slung affectionately over Christian’s.

She said, ‘That’s like us.’


‘Those guys are just like us.’

The movie was about a couple heading toward a seemingly inevitable marriage proposal whose friends gave them the idea that they might want to experience a little more of what life had to offer before taking that final step toward lifelong commitment.

‘But we’re already married,’ Christian pointed out.

Mia smiled. ‘But I was your first, right? And you were mine.’


‘So we’re just like them.’

Christian just shrugged and went back to watching the movie, which so far was turning out to be not as much of a comedy as he had been expecting. Something in the premise seemed interesting to him, though. It wasn’t the usual rom-com kind of thing.

He said, ‘You’re saying you wish you’d dated other people?’

‘No,’ Mia shook her head. ‘I’m just saying… they remind me of us, that’s all.’

A little further into the movie, what interested Christian was that the female protagonist — played by the actress from that British movie Mia liked, “Starter for 10” — was wondering how it might be to try dating other…



Max Sebastian
Marriage 2.0

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