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Marriage 2.0: Robert and Claire #1

After meeting up with an old friend, Claire and Robert consider signing up for another adventure with Marriage 2.0

Marriage 2.0
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13 min readMar 23, 2023


Welcome to Marriage 2.0 — the modern relationship, upgraded.
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Robert had just given baby Pete his night feed and lulled him back to sleep when he heard Claire return from her night out.

Clutching the baby monitor, he tip-toed downstairs as quietly as the squeaking wooden steps would allow, since there was no way they could hold any kind of a conversation upstairs in their bedroom.

Claire, dressed casually but nicely in dark jeans and a stripy white top, was stooping to remove her boots as silently as the creaking leather would permit.

‘Hey,’ he said, in the kind of near-whisper they always used when one or both kids were sleeping. ‘You have fun?’

‘Yeah, it was good.’

‘The ladies in fine form?’ he asked as he sat back down on the couch in their tiny living room, just a few yards away from the front door.



Max Sebastian
Marriage 2.0

Max Sebastian has written erotica for more than 20 years, and specializes in stories about sexy wives and husbands willing to share. More at: MaxSebastian.net