Learning to Find your voice

Reflections by Novica

Growing up in my culture, as a child, you learned how to keep your mouth shut and keep your opinions to yourself. If at any time for any absurd reason, you forgot your place in the parent/child relationship, and decided to speak your mind, you might just find that you’ve been slapped into next week.

I am sure I have a few witnesses out there. This was something that was embedded in me as a child and it carried all the way through high school and adulthood. Not only that, but there were some serious issues that I went through in my life that I needed to voice my hurt and pain and was never given the time or opportunity to do so. This damaged my self-worth growing up.

Learning to find my voice was difficult, because I felt that no one was listening. I felt that I had nothing to give by speaking my mind and giving my opinion. However, I felt that I had something to share with people. The desire to speak life into others and encourage others pushed me to find my voice.

God has a purpose for all of us, and sometimes it includes dealing with adversity along with having courage to take risks but in the end God strengthens the very thing that you saw as weak and insignificant and uses it to reach the masses. I have learned to find my voice, despite the risk of putting myself out there for others to criticize, I realized that the people that I have encouraged and inspired out-weigh the number of people that may criticize what I do or say. What are you holding back that needs to be stirred up and released? There are people specifically waiting on you to step out on faith and allow God to use you. Learn to find your voice

Reflections from Novica