What is Marrow?

Since the 2016 election, it’s become apparent that technology, the media and the way we live our lives today has resulted in a hurt, divided nation, where each camp views the other as a caricature.

This is the problem with America today, the technology that was supposed to bring us together actually isolated us into echo chambers and drove us further apart. — Trent Lipinksi

Marrow is an attempt to humanize the “other” — a place where, free of (though unavoidably influenced by) biased, revenue-dependent media slants, real people can talk about their stances on a variety of issues, person to person, getting to the core of how we got there.

Our priorities and decisions are driven by our individual life experiences, so only by digging into personal narratives can we move ourselves away from fear and demonization of the unknown. Sometimes these conversations can be tough face-to-face, or with the reactionary impulses of social media. The hope is that with thoughtful reflection, we can get to a better place.

All are welcome here: Democrats, Republicans, independents, Christians, Jews, Muslims, gays, heterosexuals, atheists, ninjas, monks, acrobats…the only ground rules are to write and post respectfully. This is a place for people who are really interested in learning about the viewpoints of others and how they got there — not a place for hate. Cause guess what — no productive discussion comes about when attaching blame or attacking others.

Will it work? We’ll sure as heck try.

Would love to hear from you if you’d like to contribute.

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