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All articles and instructions about Auto.Farm

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We have gathered all the published articles about is a platform for automatic asset re-staking, which allows increasing income thanks to a contract that automates this process.

A part (50%) is converted into LP pool tokens, a part (40%) is used to buy a MDAO token, and a part (10%) redeems MDAO tokens and burns them, thus supporting the deflationary model.

πŸ“„ User guide for working with the autofarming platform

πŸ“„ Withdrawing LP to the migration wallet New PancakeSwap MasterChef

πŸ“„ Smart contracts: explanation, applications, and benefits

πŸ“„ Instructions for token migration and participation in the giveaway promo

πŸ“„ What is impermanent loss, and how to avoid it?

πŸ“„ What is a Burn Event, and why do we need it?

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