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Thunder Lands Partner Staking Event: How to Participate from a Mobile Device, Features

This tutorial explains in detail all the features of the MarsDAO partner staking event with Thunder Lands, using a mobile device.

When you stake your MDAO in this partner event, there is an opportunity to receive TNDR tokens without additional lockup periods.

1. How to participate in the partner staking event with Thunder Lands

1.1 Go to and select the Thunder Lands pool:

1.2 Connect your wallet by clicking “Connect Wallet”:

1.3 Click on “Connect” and select the wallet that holds MDAOs to be placed in this pool:

1.4 Confirm the wallet connection by clicking “Confirm”:

1.5 Go to the “Deposit” tab (1), enter the number of MDAOs (2) and click “Approve” (3):

1.6 Confirm the Approve transaction in your wallet by clicking on “Confirm” in the pop-up window:

1.7 After confirming the use of the MDAO by a partner staking contract, the “Deposit” button will appear on the pool page. Click the button to complete the MDAO placement in the pool, and confirm the transaction in the wallet pop-up window:

1.8 Done! The number of MDAOs placed in the pool is displayed in the “Staked” tab, the number of rewards in deTNDR tokens in the “Earned” tab:

2. How to get rewards in TNDR tokens to your wallet

The TNDR project token is issued in the Polygon chain (MATIC), therefore partner staking rewards are accrued as wrapped deTNDR tokens in the BNB Chain (BEP-20).

To collect rewards in TNDR tokens, you need to perform a few simple actions described below.

2.1 On the page , select the pool with Thunder Lands, connect your wallet and click on “Harvest”:

2.2 Confirm the transaction in the wallet:

Done, the tokens are now in your wallet!

2.3 To get a TNDR token in the original network, you need to use deBridge. Use this link or follow the link located in the section“SWAP” for a quick transition:

2.4 On the dePort page of the deBridge service or via the menu, connect the wallet by clicking “Connect Wallet”.

Check the sending network (BNB Chain) and the receiving network (Polygon).

The column “protocol fee” shows the network fee for one transaction from which the transfer will be made, in this case it is the commission of the BNB Chain network, which is approximately 0.005 BNB. Make sure you have enough BNB on your balance for the transaction to be successful and not be canceled.

The service fee is 0.001 in TNDR tokens of the amount of tokens we send to transfer to another network:

2.5 Read the documentation and select the connection wallet, select “Wallet Connect” in the current option:

2.6 Then click “Connect” and select a wallet you want to connect:

2.7 Confirm the connection to deBridge in the wallet by pressing the “Connect” button:

Done, your wallet is connected!

2.8 The column “Send from” displays the current balance of deTNDR tokens in the BNB Chain. Specify the amount to be transferred or press the “MAX” button if you want to transfer all tokens (1).

The “Send to” column specifies the number of TNDR tokens that will be received on the wallet in the Polygon network, in the “Included gas fee” column you can set the value yourself (2).

Click the Approve button to confirm the token usage (3).

2.9 Click “Approve” on the site and confirm the action in the wallet:

2.10 Wait for BNB Chain to confirm, the “Confirm transfer” button will appear, and confirm the transaction in the pop-up window and in the wallet:

2.11 Check the details of the transaction by clicking on the link in the deBridge Explorer.

If confirmation of the transfer to the Polygon network has not been made by the keepers immediately after confirmation by the BNB Chain network, click on “Execute” in the fastpass window or in deBridge Explorer, and confirm the transaction in the Polygon network by changing the network in the MetaMask wallet, tokens will be transferred to your wallet in the Polygon network. The wallet will ask you to change the network when you click the “Perform” button, and in case it is already set up in your wallet — to change the network.

Confirm the transaction in the wallet. MATIC must be specified in the Polygon chain on the wallet to confirm the transaction.

How to set up the Polygon chain in the MetaMask wallet can be found in the instructions at this link.

2.12 Done, your TNDR tokens are in your wallet and in the Polygon chain!

Add TNDR token mapping to the smart contract address in the wallet to quickly access them.

Link to the TNDR smart contract address:




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