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User guide for exchanging USDT from one chain to another via the Synapse Bridge exchange protocol

If your USDT are stored on one chain, and further actions require USDT to be on another chain, then any cross-chain bridge will do for a quick exchange. All you need for the exchange (except the USDT tokens themselves, of course) is tokens to pay for gas in the chain from which the USDT will be sent.

Using the Synapse Bridge as an example, let’s look at how to exchange USDT on the ERC-20 chain for USDT on the BEP-20 chain.

  1. Go to
  2. In the header of the site, click “Connect Wallet” to allow the site to connect to your wallet:

3. Select your MetaMask wallet:

4. If you have not previously logged into MetaMask, log into it using your permanent password:

5. Select the Ethereum chain and the USDT (Tether) asset. In this case, for a successful exchange, you must have ETH to pay for gas:

6. Select the BNB Chain as receiving network and the USDT (Tether) asset:

7. Enter the amount you want to send, or click “Max” to exchange all USDT you have:

8. It will show the amount to be received (in this case ~48 USDT), fee information (in this case 2 USDT on the BNB Chain). If you agree with the terms, you can click “Approve USDT”.

9. Give permission to carry out the operation in MetaMask, having previously familiarized yourself with the Ethereum network fee — in this case 0.001725 ETH or $5.41. Please note that during the first exchange at this stage, only the issuance of permission for the MetaMask wallet to work with the Synapse Bridge site occurs:

10. After successful confirmation, you will receive several messages from both the site and MetaMask about the successful sending of tokens:

11. The most important point for those who are making their first exchange on this site — in this case, after confirming the permission by the network, you must click on “Bridge Token”:

12. A message will appear in MetaMask with information about the transfer of tokens. Pay attention to the Ethereum network fee (in this example, 0.011403 ETH or $35.99). If you agree, click “Confirm”:

13. Wait until the “Bridging” status changes to “Bridge Token”. After this, information about a successful exchange (“Bridge Watcher”) will appear:

14. To make sure everything went well, you can check your MetaMask balances, while switching to the Binance Smart Chain:

Or go to and paste your address in the BSC Scan search bar and select BEP-20 Token Txns:





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