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Using the PortalBridge Protocol

This article is part of the general article How to use bridges when using, which has links to guides for working with other bridges and other networks.

Let’s take a closer look at the PortalBridge exchange. PortalBridge allows exchanging assets on the following networks:

  • Solana
  • Ethereum
  • BNB Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Oasis
  • Karura
  • Klaytn
  • Celo
  • Moonbeam
  • Aptos

1. Through the PortalBridge documentation, you can see which assets are available for transfer from Solana to BNB Chain and for which liquidity has already been created on DEX (e.g. SOL, USDC and Raydium).

Below in the screenshot you can see an excerpt from the BNB Chain documentation, which has tabs that allow you to see all the possible configurations for exchanges in the BNB Chain.

2. Using SOL as an example, we will transfer it from its native BNB Chain. To do this, go to the PortalBridge website.

Under “Tokens” select “Solana” in the first window (1), in the second window “Binance Smart Chain” (2).

Then click “Connect”.

3. Select a connection wallet in the window that appears (in this example we’ll use the Phantom wallet) and confirm the action in the wallet by clicking “Confirm”.

4. Next, select the asset that you want to transfer to another network. To do this, click “Select a token” and select the asset, in our case “SOL”.

5. Enter the amount of SOL in the “Amount” line and click “Next”.

6. In the next step, make sure that the receiving network is selected correctly and click “Connect” to connect the wallet to the BNB Chain.

7. Select a wallet to connect.

8. Set the fee most preferable for this exchange and carefully read the terms and conditions. After selecting the order type, tap “Next”.

9. In the third step, read the information in the transfer window and click “Transfer”.

Note: Initiate the transfer from the Solana network and wait for it to complete. If you leave this page before step 4, you will have to perform a recovery workflow to complete the transfer.

10. In the window that opens, review the exchange information. Then click “Confirm” to send assets from the Solana network for exchange.

In the information message, PortalBridge notifies that the exchange receives wrapped assets, which must later be exchanged through an exchange protocol that has liquidity for the wrapped asset.

By clicking on the “Click here to see…” line, you can see a list of such exchange protocols.

11. Confirm the action in the wallet by clicking on “Approve”.

12. Done! If the transaction is successful, a message about it will appear in step 4.

To add a mapping of the wrapped asset to your wallet, click “Add to MetaMask”.

To go to the exchange protocol page, click on the “PancakeSwap” link.

13. Connect a wallet in the BNB Chain network by clicking “Connect Wallet”. Then select the method of connection, in this example the connection is made through MetaMask.

14. On the “Swap” page, on the first line, click on the “\/” option to change the asset you want to swap.

15. Copy the SOL (Wormhole) smart contract address from the documentation or from the bscscan browser on the incoming transaction to your wallet.

The address of the SOL (Wormhole) smart contract on the BNB Chain: 0xfa54ff1a158b5189ebba6ae130ced6bbd3aea76e

Paste the address of the smart contract in the search bar and click “Import” next to the found asset.

16. Confirm the addition of the asset — click “Import”.

17. You should also select an asset on the bottom line. Click on the selection icon “\/”, enter the ticker symbol SOL in the search bar, select SOL (Wrapped Solana) or previously click “Import” opposite this asset if it was not previously added to the asset list.

18. Next, specify the amount of SOL (Wormhole) you want to exchange (on the top line). Click on “Enable SOL” and confirm the use of the token in the wallet by clicking “Confirm” in the pop-up wallet window.

19. After successful confirmation, click “Swap”, then “Confirm Swap” and confirm the exchange in the wallet by clicking “Confirm”.

18. Next, specify the amount of SOL (Wormhole) you want to exchange (on the top line). Click “Add SOL to Wallet” and confirm the use of the token in your wallet by clicking “Confirm” in the wallet’s pop-up window.

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