MarshMallow Utility Token

-Token Specifications-

Chain: Ravencoin Asset
Type: Utility
Asset explorer: Here

Swap ratio offert: 1200 RVN
Available for swap: 800 Tokens
Reserved for giveaways & promotions: 200 Tokens

For tokens swap write DM on Twitter

Why a Marshmellow Utility Token?

We are a little team dedicated to the development of services and applications of block chain and faithful lovers of the Ravencoin chain.
For this reason we invest our own time and money in the development of services and applications with real use cases for digital assets, at our own risk, covering a wide range of projects.

Our goal is that the crypto assets are not just a number and help their adaptation of use.

To continue with the development and implementation of the projects in terms of development, infrastructure and related costs we have created “Marshamallow Utility Token*”.

A token with which to collaborate with the advance of MarshmallowBC, this token has been created in the RavenCoin network with a supply of 1000 tokens and interchangeable for RavenCoin exclusively, which proceeds will be invested in infrastructure for the project, redbull, coffee and marshmallows for the development team and the long nights of work**.

*It is also our commitment to your participation in the marshamallows hold tokens that this token will be a utility within all of our services and applications.
**All proceeds will be used for the project only.

Marshmallow BlockChain

HFT I+D | Hedge&Venture | Reports&Ratings

Marshmallow BlockChain

Written by

HFT I+D | Hedge&Venture

Marshmallow BlockChain

HFT I+D | Hedge&Venture | Reports&Ratings

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