Post-pandemic working at Marshmallow

The last year has changed the landscape of work for all industries. With a vaccine roll-out underway, companies everywhere are rethinking how they work and what returning to the office looks like. At Marshmallow, we’re listening to our team👂

We asked everyone in Marshmallow what they wanted from post-pandemic-working and not one person said they wanted to go back to the office 5 days a week. The vast majority still wanted 2–3 days at the office. We get it! Commuting is tiring and WFH can be super convenient, but if you do that every day the boundaries between work and free time become blurred and you can feel like you’re missing out on the community and social interaction that’s part of office life 🏡 🏢

So, our approach focuses on flexibility — with two possible trajectories.


Anyone who’s not in a remote role can work from home up to three days a week. But for 12 weeks a year, flexi-office workers have the option to work from anywhere 👩‍💻🏝

The first day in the office will be spent as a team, planning work, collaborating on problems and building relationships. The second day will be freed up for organic interactions, whether that’s meeting new colleagues from other teams, introductions for new joiners, or helping people who are more junior. It’ll generally be a time to build context, nurturing the vibrant Marshmallow community IRL ☕️

If people want to come into the office more than that, they can! We know some people will benefit from coming in regularly, while for others 2 days will be plenty. We want to bring out the best in people, and, as we know from experience, that comes from letting them choose how they work the most productively 👨🏻‍💻

The 12 weeks a year from anywhere scheme allows people to experience the benefits of remote working when it suits them. This time could be spent with family both in or outside of the UK, it could mean getting to stay at home during school holidays, or simply a chance to have a change of scene 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦


Our second format is for fully remote roles, where we will support remote workers to work remotely from countries in Europe 🇪🇺

We’re introducing remote roles for highly competitive roles, at the moment, that’s in Pricing and Engineering. We’re always looking for people who are exceptional, and we don’t want to let location be an obstacle. We’re also committed to supporting anyone in a remote role to come to the London office once a quarter for 4 days 🇬🇧

While this is a very different picture of work-life for many of our full-time staff who worked at Marshmallow pre-pandemic, our culture of feedback and honesty is nothing new, and this plan is a direct response to the preferences communicated by our team — so that’s why we’re fulfilling them! 👂

The approach we’ve agreed on centres around 4 key considerations:


We’re proud of our culture at Marshmallow, and we want to do our best to uphold this amazing sense of community — as well as continuing to make sure new starters feel like a part of it. We know that office life is essential for this, so we’re committed to reviving this post-pandemic 🏡 🏢


We think our people are amazing and are the exact type of people that every great company would want to hire. So we want to make sure that our flexible approach to work supports as many of our people as possible to stay and continue to build Marshmallow 🚀


We know that the best candidates will choose companies that offer the most appealing mode of working, so our flexible approach should help us attract the people we’re looking for 💚


We want to make sure that people have the space and facilities to do their best work. So, we will be investing in our new office to ensure it has the tools and spaces our people need to do their best work and collaborate effectively with people who are not in the office 🎥

When is ‘post-pandemic’?

We want everyone to feel safe, so for us this will be when every adult has been offered their first vaccine, which at the moment is no sooner than 21st June. Due to our huge growth over the last year — we’re still figuring out the best new office space — so this gives us time to get that sorted before hopefully starting an exciting transition in the summer 💉

This is new territory for everyone — and we’ll work out what works best as we go. We’ve always adapted to accommodate our growth and will continue to do this to get the best out of the new normal 🤓

It’s always been our goal to disrupt an outdated industry, and now we’re reflecting that in abandoning an outdated model of working — we know that’s what it will take to continue to thrive in a post-pandemic world 🏡🏢




We are Marshmallow — a fintech on a mission to make insurance cheaper, faster and fairer for everyone by using tech to our customers’ advantage.

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