5 SEO Tips that will make your Competitors Boil with Anger

If you have struggled to realize and tried to maintain some high standards in search results ranking then you can easily attest to the fact that Search Engine Optimization is a race of struggling to be ahead of the competition. The definite way to winning the race is by improving your own website and trying as much as possible to monitor the SEO activities of the competitors. If you have watched your competitors usurp your ranking, then there is a need for you to consider the following tips.

1. Focus on creation of content

In digital media marketing, the popular acronym (ABC) should not only mean ‘Always be Closing’. It must also remind you that it is Always Be Creating’. The quality as well as content quantity matters a lot, whether you are pursuing Pay per Click (PPC), SEO or any other strategy in digital marketing so as to attract new clients. When you add fresh content to the website, it is going to be more appealing to search engine and to automate indexing program. People who visit the site will also find the pages to be more appealing. Remember, high-value content is going to bring about viral sharing; this increases external backlinks which points on the website. It also improves the SEO. Take your time and create more articles, blog post as well as some products which are downloadable.

2. Planning keyword targeting strategies carefully

Always pay attention to keywords that you target. If you are at the top in Google search results for a certain keyword, then it does not mean that maintaining the ranking is a crucial use of time. What is important for you is to be careful and focus on search queries which are going to yield higher traffic. You can use the webmaster tool for your different queries. If possible, try to use advanced tools for better results.

3. Stay abreast about the SEO news

This field has been changing more frequently. If you have been in a position of jumping onto new technique or any SEO trend growing before the competitors, then you may be in opposition of cementing leads in natural search results. Ensure you are setting aside time every week so as to keep track of SEO news websites for example the Search Engine Watch. In case of major changes in SEO practices, take action immediately so as to avoid lagging behind in search results.

4. Monitor competitors’ backlinks and profiles

As much as you struggle to monitor your website backlink profile so as to prevent SEO attack, it is good to monitor the changes that occur in the links that are built by competitors. The best technique in SEO is not widely publicized. People stumble upon a winning combination which leads to positive results. If you monitor your competitor’s backlink using powerful tools, then you are likely to identify potential partners IN your site and then uncover new strategies that are used by competitors to beat you.

5. Monitor on-site competitor activities

Always monitor the optimization efforts of the competitor. If any of them changes SEO activities by either discovering a new way of optimizing the pages in search engine results or by updating the pages to respond to penalty from a search engine. Then you should also respond appropriately.

To summarize, use the following techniques well;

  • Be knowledgeable on what competitors miss
  • Be discrete
  • Purchase and upgrade software
  • Monitor SEO activities of competitors
  • Mobile optimization


In either way, it is important to track competitors’ title tag structure. If possible, use optimized keyword headers as well as other SEO activities.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor