Autopilot Appoints Scott Edmonds, a Marketing Automation Champion as Vice President of Sales

Autopilot, a provider of easy-to-use visual software for marketing automation across multiple channels, has announced that it has appointed Scott Edmonds, a seasoned tech professional, as its Vice President of Sales. He will be in charge of revenue growth and sales strategy at Autopilot.

Edmonds has over a decade of experience in the sphere of marketing automation and was the first sales person at Marketo where he witnessed the company becoming a top drawer Enterprise SaaS provider. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of marketing automation and known for his though leadership in disruptive SaaS technologies. Edmonds served Marketo for almost ten years and he has also been an advisor to many companies on their strategies for sales growth. In his career, he has seen many teams successfully adopt marketing automation ranging from multi-billion dollar organizations to startups.

In the year 2000, Edmonds co-founded California Laser, where he was also the Production Manager and Vice President of Business Development. He is also part of Acceleprise, a San Francisco-based Venture Capital fund as an LP and mentor.

Lately, Autopilot introduced a new channel for lead generation that is on site and in-app which marketers can utilize for real-time engagement through feedback requests and personalized call-to-actions. The channel also guides them along via tailored messages across buying journeys. Edmonds will play a pivotal role in leveraging such channels to help Autopilot in increasing its market presence.

Asserting his views on such an innovative new channel, Edmonds said in an official release, “Autopilot brings two things to the table. First, Autopilot is built by cloud-generation entrepreneurs who think API and unstructured data first, with a vision to empower marketers to work more flexibly, collaboratively, and happily, while stitching together their favorite tools and customer data. Second, at Autopilot’s core is a truly revolutionary user experience, including a visual UI that allows marketers to create customer journeys on the fly, as simply as drawing shapes on a whiteboard.”

Edmonds pursued BS in Psychology and BA in Political Science from CSU Chico. He holds an MBA degree from Case Western Reserve University.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor