Belly Unveils BLUE, a New Platform that Targets Enterprise Retailers

Belly, a loyalty technology company, has announced the launch of BLUE, which is a configurable platform for enterprise retailers. The new platform gives marketers a complete understanding of their customers and allows retailers to have an integrated experience of mobile, in-store as well as online, and all of these in real-time. It has a configurable setup that is characterized by easy integration and underlying infrastructure. It will not only provide an out-of-the-box solution but will also let retailers market faster.

Logan LaHive, Founder and CEO, Belly, stated in a release, “Loyalty is central to retailers’ mobile and digital strategies, yet the tools available for customer engagement are antiquated — built for yesterday and unable to react to tomorrow. BLUE solves this by focusing purely on best-in-class loyalty technology. This unbundling is the future of retail technology and BLUE is the first and best product to address this rapidly growing market.”

This platform will ensure adaptability and speed for brands that will help them to stay ahead of the curve, in regards to the constant shifting in business and customer demands. BLUE boasts a service-oriented structure and an extensible set of APIs, which invariably makes it appealing to every client.

The differentiating factor of BLUE is its ability to turn data collected from customers into action. The “Profile Manager” feature of the platform helps marketers collect the necessary data and then take the requisite action. Another feature that BLUE has is “Rules Engine”, which lets retailers use the loyalty data and then apply triggered and transactional rules that govern the behavior of the customers, both at the market and store level. Moreover, the “Integrations Manager” helps users to connect with tools like CRM, BI, or email marketing, which retailers use to formulate a data-driven feedback. This will help them to fortify their loyalty initiatives.

Belly has launched BLUE as a part of their product-extension, which will help leading brands and retailers to get access to relevant customer engagement tools.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor