Contently Introduces a New Feature for Smarter Social Content, Includes Enhanced Social Integrations

Contently, the content marketing technology solution, announced the release of Contently Social, which includes enhanced social integrations and the expansion of its freelance creative network to include more than 600 social strategists and creators.

“As social platforms have grown up and increasingly become destinations unto themselves, social publishing has become deceivingly complex,” said Contently Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Dave Goldberg. “To do effective content marketing across channels, brands need technology to ensure quality control and to increase efficiency, as well as skilled professionals to oversee the process. Contently Social provides brands with the technology, creators, and strategists to do just that.”

Contently’s social integrations allow brands to plan, create, and publish for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, seamlessly combining social content with the rest of their content marketing materials — all on one platform. Of equal importance, Contently Social provides access to freelance social strategists, social creators, and brand editors to produce channel-specific content that adheres to brand guidelines.

“It’s a given that social is crucial to content success, but too often it gets treated as an annex to the process — content gets published and someone from another team picks up the ball and decides how to use it on social channels,” said Contently VP of Enterprise Services John Hazard. “With our network of freelancers operating within Contently Social, brands can take a social approach to stories right from the start. Freelancers file stories with social in mind, and our brand editors review copy and images for social channels that’s ready when the story is published.”

Contently Social allows brands to increase efficiency and ensure quality by:

Planning and creating social content as part of the brand’s larger content operation:

  • Plan and create social posts in concert with larger pieces of content like articles, videos, or infographics
  • Use freelance social creators with specific social expertise such as Facebook video
  • Streamline approval workflows and ensure quality
  • Schedule posts for specific audiences at optimal times
  • Plan and create social posts as standalone pieces

Publishing and optimizing all content across channels:

  • Publish directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook with the click of a button
  • Track and optimize content production and performance based on custom metrics — all in one place
  • Avoid toggling between multiple social-analytics systems

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor