ConvergeHub Announces Integration with Box

ConvergeHub, a converged customer relationship management platform for small and medium businesses, has announced that it will integrate the services of Box into ConvergeHub’s CRM software. A number of business and customers across the globe use Box, which is a well-known document management platform for sharing videos, photos, documents, and online storage. The integration is set to empower SMBs to collaborate and share significant proposals, contracts, and presentations from the CRM. This will boost efficiency as well as ensure quick work operation.

The CEO of ConvergeHub, Manash Chaudhuri, said in a release, “Customers and Documents are two most essential aspects for business. With the partnership of ConvergeHub and Box, we’re solving that problem and creating a new combined solution that transforms how businesses operate. ConvergeHub and Box together, reinvent the conventional CRM and transforms it into a comprehensive Customer and Document Management platform where barriers between customer data and content break to multiply leads, seal the deal faster and strengthen customer relationships.’’

ConvergeHub users will now be able to access sales presentations, market and sales brochures, and product datasheets stored in the Box account. This will save a considerable amount of time and eliminate the scuffle between Box and CRM. Users will also be able to keep all important documents related to billing, support, marketing, sales, and customer records within the CRM repository. Users can keep an eye on all the relevant documents and check when they are edited, downloaded, or viewed by their team. To develop a 360-degree view of customer interactions, users can attach the box docs to support cases, projects, accounts, contacts, and leads.

One of the highlights of this integration is closing deals on the move. ConvergeHub users will be able to share purchase orders, contracts, invoices, and proposals with customers and prospects in real time.

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