Facebook Decides on Curalate as Its Official Marketing Partner

Curalate, a platform for visual commerce, has announced that it has been named as an official Facebook Marketing Partner. The company now joins a prized list of technology companies that have been selected by Facebook to help brands fulfill their marketing aims via the social network. Through the Facebook Marketing Partner Program, brands are matched with the premier technology innovators to enable them in curation and distribution of the best content to reach billions of Facebook users.

In an official release, Apu Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, Curalate, commented, “Visual content is the lifeblood of social networks. Curalate gives brands the ability to leverage the images and videos that surround them to drive discovery, engagement, and revenue.” He added, “The Facebook Marketing Partner designation is a recognition of our ability to provide a best-of-breed marketing solution to brands everywhere.”

Curalate offers intelligent visual content for brands which helps them in connecting videos and images revolving around their services and products to heighten brand awareness. This, in turn, allows Curalate to make the distance between discovery and action shorter. The services of Curalate are used by over 850 leading brands to curate, measure, connect, deploy, and monetize the visual content of highest performance that features their products services.

One way of achieving the above is through Facebook dynamic product ads (DPAs). Since DPAs automatically crop images at certain angles and it lacks appealing imagery which is typical on social networks, they have not really been very fruitful for brands. Now, with Curalate as partner, Facebook DPAs can get a makeover to be more efficient that would lead brands towards higher revenue generation. In November last year, Curalate was selected by Facebook as an Instagram Partner.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor