Facebook to Expand Audience Network with Header Bidding; Will Also Extract User Data from WhatsApp for Ad Targeting

Facebook has announced that it is all set to expand its Audience Network to tap the trending technology of header bidding. Audience Network offers ads on websites and also apps on websites and apps of a third party. This way, Facebook aims at selling a higher number of ads through its mobile ad network and also step outside the realms of utility and gaming apps which form a majority of its current clientele.

Header bidding is a brand-new technique in ad tech which publishers use to enhance the yield of advertising on their inventory. This technology enables publishers to enter codes into the header of their page which make the availability of an impression simultaneous to different sources of demand like ad exchanges, prior to the calling of their primary ad server.

It is believed that Facebook is carrying out header bidding tests across video and mobile ads which can appear as a prominent challenge for Google DoubleClick since it has dominated the market of online display thus far.

The popularity of header bidding is evident from a report that suggested that the technology has been adopted by almost 70% of publishers. Therefore, Facebook is keen on adding header bidding to its Audience Network. Through Audience Network, brands can extend their ad campaigns on Facebook to all across the web. Facebook had reported that it generated a sales revenue of $1 billion from its Audience Network.

This news has surfaced only a few months after Facebook had decided on closing down LiveRail, the video ad exchange which the social networking company had acquired for a sum ranging from $400 million to $500 million. The decision of shutting down LiveRail was on grounds of integration issues, viewability, and ad fraud.

Facebook & WhatsApp to share user data; WhatsApp eyes businesses

WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Facebook, has announced that its privacy policy will now undergo a major change once the new T&Cs are accepted by its users. According to the new privacy policy, WhatsApp will share its user data with Facebook for the purpose of ad targeting on the social network.

User data from WhatsApp will also be shared with Facebook’s family of companies which means data will be fed to Oculus Rift, a VR firm acquired by Facebook and also to Instagram, the network of photo-sharing. Data shared will include the verified phone numbers of WhatsApp users.

In another announcement, WhatsApp has unveiled its plan for integrating business services within the app by the end of the year. The plan had surfaced before in January this year when it wanted to connect its user base of above one billion with the businesses. The updated T&Cs of the app’s service has incorporated this as a test with some selected users in the coming months.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor