Going for Email Gold: 5 Winning Strategies for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Winning a gold medal takes countless hours of practice, innate talent and extreme determination. However, creating a successful email marketing campaign shouldn’t be such a hurdle. To help celebrate the spirit of the games, Seamas Egan, Associate Director of Revenue Operations at Campaigner has outlined winning strategies to help you go for gold in your next campaign

Thanks to mobile strategies, deep data insights and more effective integration efforts, email marketing is at the top of its game in 2016. As the internet becomes more and more cluttered and a relentless stream of content is available 24/7, delivering something recognizable can be a breath of fresh air for your customers. Take close aim at your target — your subscriber base — with hyper-personalized content. Using demographics and location data, as well as information based on past purchase behavior, allows marketers to send precisely targeted messages based on a subscriber’s specific preferences. These messages can be a strong driver of open and click-through rates, while adding a personalized and familiar touch.

With email facing competition from new marketing channels, brands are challenged with delivering relevant messages in compelling, engaging and entertaining ways. For this reason, it is critical to break through the clutter with unique and eye-catching content. To successfully explore alternatives, make some assumptions about your subscriber base and then use A/B split testing to try out different subject lines, email body content and images. This will help you more confidently dive into something new and experiment with creative content to ensure a victory.

No athlete can win every race, game or meet, just as no campaign will be a shining success every time. When emails miss their subscriber target, use the rebound opportunity to clean up your subscriber lists and try to boost your deliverability rate for future campaigns. Instead of viewing this as a loss, think of it as an opportunity that will prepare you with knowledge and skills to create an outstanding campaign that’s ahead of the game next time.

Finally, integrating email marketing with your other campaign channels can prove to be significantly more effective than using it as an isolated tool. Share your email content across your social media and web properties to keep the campaign’s momentum going and increase exposure. With social media adoption steadily on the rise, it is definitely worth giving a shot.

Check out the infographic below for more detailed tips on how to go for gold with your next campaign!

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor