Google Announces Android Add-Ons for Docs and Sheets to Boost Mobile Productivity

Google has rolled out third-party add-ons to Google Sheets and Docs which has made it easier to use these tools from Android devices. To create the add-ons, the internet giant has partnered with eight companies. Some of the add-ons include PandaDoc, Teacher Aide, EasyBib, and AppSheet. Now users can sign into their important documents when on the go through an ‘e-signature’ functionality of Docusign. They can easily download the Android Docusign app and keep the documents ready for signature even when they are inside the Google docs interface.

In an official release, Saurabh Gupta, Product Manager, Google, said, “We’re excited to introduce Android add-ons for Docs and Sheets, a new way for you to do just that — whether it’s readying a contract you have for e-signature from your phone, or pulling in CRM data on your tablet for some quick analysis while waiting for your morning coffee, Android add-ons can help you accomplish more.”

With another add-on, PropserWorks, users can import CRM data to update and create dashboards, graphs, and reports on Sheets. With add-on AppSheet, they can easily create mobile apps from the data present in the Sheets in an instant. Users will not have to spend time on coding. With the Scanbot add-on, they can scan business documents with ease and capture physical documents from your smartphone’s camera. With EasyBib, users can add citations to the Google docs.

In all, nine add-ons have been listed as compatible. As far as the features are concerned, the desktop version of Google Sheets and Docs is far more advanced. However, the add-ons are a large leap towards raising the bar of Android apps’s productivity. It has been witnessed that the company’s main focus is on apps these days. In order to make the apps more discoverable, the company has also announced eight new app categories to the play Google Play Store.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor

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