Google Announces Two New Partners to Enhance AMP Ads

Google has made ad partner announcements revolving around its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format. With the AMP ads, Google along with its partners strives to make ads load fast again. The primary objective of AMP is to accelerate the mobile experience and regular ads definitely make it slower.

Google has announced two new partners; TripleLift, the ad network and Cloudfare, the security and performance company to improve the AMP ads. For TripleLift, adding AMP support was a no-brainer and it is now engaged in trials with an American media company. According to the company sources, AMP ads load almost six times faster than regular pages and are almost three times lighter. According to a VP of the media house, in the trials with TripleLift the AMP ads are almost 13% more viewable than the standard ads which feature on the AMP pages. He said that they have witnessed marked improvements in eCPMs (effective cost per mile) and CTRs (click through rates). Several other media houses have been early adopters of AMP ads and have witnessed positive results.

Cloudfare has taken a different approach to the AMP ads. It has opted for a verification service which verifies the AMP ads. Google launched its AMP project last fall to cut mobile page load times and since then, approximately 150 million pages have been developed which delivered content four times faster. To keep the AMP pages light, it does not allow the use of complex HTML or third-party JavaScript. The recent announcement holds a lot of importance as ads are at the core of Google and its parent company Alphabet. For launching AMP ads, Google had certain things in mind. The company split the process of ad rendering and ad requests. Owing to this, AMP for ads achieved faster ad rendering without additional memory expenses or CPU cost. This new partnership will enhance the AMP ads and ensure that pages load faster.

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